Ryan Leslie Doesn’t Fret Over Grammy Shutout

Ryan Leslie

The-Dream expressed his dismay after his latest album Love vs. Money was shut out of the 2010 Grammy nominations. Another critically praised album, Ryan Leslie’s self-titled debut, was also absent from the list, but the Harvard grad is taking it all in stride.

“I feel like next year is another year,” the producer behind hits for Cassie and Mary J. Blige tells Rap-Up.com. “I think it was Michael Jordan who said, ‘You can’t get points for yesterday’s game.’ I think that’s all in the past now. We can cry, jump up, [and say], ‘Why didn’t I get nominated?’ The fact is I didn’t get nominated.”

R-Les is looking toward the future and hopes to grab a golden gramophone with the recent release of his sophomore album Transition. “The opportunity that I have is I can get nominated for future works, so that means my future work needs to be Grammy worthy.”

–Reporting by Monique Balcarran

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  1. JOJO

    1st! Ryan deserved to be nominated too!


  2. JOJO

    It won’t hurt Ryan 4 future nods, that he to the humble route. Unlike, the-Dream.


    jess Reply:

    @JOJO, yeah but The-Dream REALLY deserved a nod. His album was fantastic and critically acclaimed. He had reason for speaking out.


    dan Reply:

    @jess, dreams’s album was bullshit…except my love and walking on the moon


  3. Move Along

    Its good he’s taking it as a postive thing instead of something negative. R les album was really good too. The dream needs to take notes, and learn that everything not gonna go your way.


  4. SwaggerAreUs

    With Ryan Leslie being one of the best musicians ever, I’m glad he took higher roads and knowing you can’t cry over spilled milk. Next year he will get a nomination…


  5. jae

    Were we expecting him to be nominated?… I think not.


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