Kanye West’s First Rant of 2010

Kanye West

Kanye West kicked off his new year with an all-caps blog entry. He thanked his fans for their support over the past six years and revealed that he’s back in the studio making music, vowing to perfect his craft.

“It’s funny how so many rappers get worse as their careers stretch out, but true poets get better,” he said, citing his latest inspirations. “We will follow in the footsteps of Maya Angelou, Gill Scott-Herron, and Nina Simone.”

Mr. West also cautioned his fans against allowing the “powers that be” to “brainwash” them into believing everything they read. “Let us look past headlines and deal with just a bit of reality in this new decade,” he advised.

Kanye West Blog

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  1. Sugar Rush

    That wasn’t a rant, lol


  2. LOL

    He still hasn’t worked out internet etiquette! :p


  3. ...



    Ajax Reply:

    @…, woo u funny


  4. Bucket Swing Seat

    Yu sed it sista!


  5. cubevision

    kanye’s new years resolution was obviously to become a bigger arsehole than last year


  6. young black and gifted

    u know what 808 and heartbreak was the male version of rated r. both went in completely different direction.


    ugh Reply:

    @young black and gifted, everyone thought 808′s was too far left and just not good. but now in retrospect kanye was ahead of the time with that album because now everyone seems to latching onto that kind of music. rated r on the other hand is just nonsense


    young black and gifted Reply:

    @ugh, for u to say rated r is nonsense u either never listened to it or u a:a bey stan or b rihanna hater.


  7. swift

    Dang rap up posting all my favs
    Pharrell Kanye now I just need something from ciara ! To be complete

    um haters please exit to the left idc if he is being a asswhole or not he still gettin $$$ why you still break ya back living off paycheck to paycheck …


  8. PP

    Kanye >>>>>>>>>>> the rest.


  9. bijan

    I don’t have to be brainwashed to know what he writes isn’t poetry


  10. Giselle

    Poet? Kanye you are not a poet. You are an artist. BIG difference. Can’t wait for his new album!


  11. mMarkie

    that was not a rant lol


  12. Its Me

    that was not a rant stop trying to make ye look bad, everyone its a new year, new decade everyone should washa way all the negativity mostly towards kanye and give him a clean slate. his music is great and im hoping after all this that has happend he is about to drop an album to the calibur of college drop out. matter fact i KNOW


  13. syfal

    as usual, haters come and try to bring Ye down.

    as usual, kanye is gonna make amazing music and shut their mouth..


  14. Tyler

    damn haters always trying to turn eveything that Ye says bad . Get over it , its a new year hes changing so shut it.


  15. ugh

    i actually agree with what he is saying. ive been trying to push the same message for so long now. its time to become socially conscious and stop supporting ignorance. support artists like common, malik yusef, mos def, talib kweli to name a few, these are the “poets” sending a message in their music.


  16. Dame T

    yes…Kanye…finally someone speaks out about the gabbage that lacks soul that has been shoved down people’s throats in the past decade…and also yes ‘the powers’ that be exist and havve some twisted agenda…rappers like 2pac voiced it and got silenced..cant wait for your next album, i hope you get on the truth and don get shut down before you say real stuff..i loved jay z and beyonce before but they getting on me now…they are becoming over exposed trash.. I hope you leaving that band wagon..

    i love you forever Ye…xxxxx Dame xxxxxx


  17. youngkid

    rap-up doesnt want to forgive they hating on kanye, like damn leave these people alone saying it’s a rant man kanye is speaking his mind


  18. Kells

    lol at u stans getting angry cause rap-up called this a “rant”

    u call that hating? I’ve seen far worse on 99% of blogs. u people will always find something to get angry about

    as Ye would say, ooh they so sensitive!


  19. Freedom

    Looking Forward To KanYe Wests New Album, Haters Need To Get Over What Happend Last Year People Make Mistakes , Its Just Some People Can Get Over It. The Pas Is The Past.


  20. OMARI



    LadySheamus Reply:

    @OMARI, LOL!


  21. gazza_australia

    KANYE!!! Can’t wait to hear some new music from you. I hope you get an Album out this year. Followed him from day 1 and love his work.


  22. Sharmzy

    I luv kanye west n I believe he’s learnt from his mistakes and is gonna hav a great comeback this year. The Taylor swift thing was a shock but the more I think about it I think that she should b thanking kanye because so many people bought her albums n started liking her purely cauz they feel sorry for her. I hope everyone can leave that in the past n stop hatin on kanye because he’s not a jackass, he’s a talented artist. Love all his songs n I love him, kanye west =)


  23. Gucci Boy

    Yeah Yeah mr.west is back can´t wait :)


  24. youooughtta knoe

    More power 2 u Kanye!!! There r people out here that appreciate the way u stand up for the TRUTH!!! Most people dont know wuts going on in the world…. They r stuck in a matrix…. Weve all been there…. The important thing is making it out w ur soul intact…. If u lose urs along the way…. GO GET IT BACK!!!! Like 2pac…, “Keep ya head up….”


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