Toni Braxton Tried to Pull a Jay-Z

Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton contemplated retirement, but like Jay-Z, the game kept calling her back.

The R&B songstress, whose debut album was released 16 years ago, couldn’t turn her back on her fans. “I enjoy performing so much that I had to do it,” she tells Walmart Soundcheck.

But there was a moment when she almost decided to hang up the mic like another high-profile artist. “I tried to pull a Jay-Z and say, ‘I’m gonna retire,’” the mother of two reveals. “He couldn’t do it either. It’s in my DNA. I had to come out and perform.”

Braxton’s first album on Atlantic Records, Pulse, is due in February. It will feature collaborations with Robin Thicke and Trey Songz, who duets with her on the lead single “Yesterday.”

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    PLZ PLZ PLZ toni never ever do that,we dont a lot of good singer outside,dont do that………now anyone can sing with technology but guyz came out b4 that,we grow up with u,we will die with u, luv from brussels


  2. listen

    is she serious? the game kept calling her back? i guess that why all the songs that have leaked online have the streets buzzing for this project…NOT.


    Catie Reply:

    @listen, Please! Her fans including me have been excited about this project for years. Contrary to your belief, the game does need her.


  3. Andre Le Dale

    I pray to god these singers, models, and actresses leave PLASTIC surgery in 00′s. What has this woman done to her once flawless face?


  4. UMD



  5. Trent

    Yesssss Ms. Toni I’m a big Toni Braxton fan and I’m glad to see she’s back and did not leave the Game cuz she would be missed I guess the others that are Hating are Young and don’t know good music and a good Voice


  6. bitchBOObye

    Toni Braxton is a legend. I cannot wait for the album. Definitely supporting true talent.


  7. Luuzz

    Toni’s new album is the only one i’m anticipating in 2010 and she’ll get great comeback !!


  8. LilT

    The “game kept calling her back”????? Yeah right, she doesn’t have any goddamn money! thats why she keeps trying to make a comeback!


    bitchBOObye Reply:

    @LilT, Do you know whats in Toni’s bank account. Toni has much more money than you sweetie and living better than every muthafukka on this blog.


    J. Elaine Reply:

    @bitchBOObye, I’m loving “Yesterday” and may enjoy her other releases (the jury is still out on whether, or not, I’ll buy the whole album), but Toni has been candid about the fact that she blew through all her money. She needed to get back to work if she is going to keep “living better” than the rest of us.

    I’m just glad that she’s back and adding her style to what can only be described as a whole new market. Stay blessed all.


  9. GotYou

    @ LilT you definitely got it right. Toni is perpetrating. She knows she doesn’t have the coins to retire. She’s not making money like Jay. Retirement should never have come out of her mouth. Love her singing but this story is complete bullsh*t.


  10. Jay

    I love to see haters commenting. Means Toni actually is still relevant. Jealousy is a disease. Stop hating because she makes more money that your families put together. Welcome back Toni. Keep these haters hating. Keep them pockets full.


    Gualtiero Reply:

    @Jay, u totally right! I can’t stand people who hate famous stars just beacuse they are rich and talented and beautiful… TONI IS GREAT! CAN’T WAIT 4 HER NEW ALBUM!


  11. Fritzma

    @Jay..well Said..Toni Braxton is a legend,..haters gon hate..Can’t wait for her album..Welcome Back..Toni..


  12. key

    GOOD,FINALLY SOMEONE CAN SING BRINGING NEW ALBUM,lol those start of today we will not see them in 5years,toni is there for 15years already and will be again for longtime,anyway no surprise SHE IS A SINGER A TRUE DIVA


  13. Lil' Nello

    Good to hear she decided to stay! Can’t wait for her new album in February & she’s still as beautiful as when she 1st came out!


  14. LadySheamus

    Can very VERY rarely be a topic posted on here that doesn’t have a negative response, most times for no reason.

    I wish her success! I really like ‘Yesterday’.


  15. Rodger

    Toni Braxton has more talent on her little finger, than any artist out there. What she can do with her voice is purely spectacular, every sing she does, melts me…

    Easy for you all to hide behind the keyboard and trash someone you don’t even know.

    Toni has no “need” to return to the scene, but I am glad she has.

    My ipod has everything she has ever done on it, video and audio.

    Keep it up Toni, you fuk’n rule!!



  16. Mahmoud

    >I can’t believe how belutifualy those “silo looking things” turned out. What light! And the green fields are stunning And that is their little barn? Amazing!Last crazy comment: The pink elephant house! How funny! I was looking at that picture and trying to figure out where it was.Well done! (of course!)We had a ball seeing you there! It brought back lots of memories for us and what a blessing you were to us. Thanks again. Muchas gracias!


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