Rap-Up TV: Drake Makes JoJo Cry

Prince made doves cry and now Drake is doing the same to JoJo. The pop singer tells Rap-Up.com which song of Drizzy’s made her shed tears. JoJo recorded her own version of the rapper’s “Houstatlantavegas” from his So Far Gone mixtape and uploaded it to YouTube last summer. Listen below.

“I love his mixtape. Drake is so talented,” she told Rap-Up TV. “I kept going back to this song [“Houstatlantavegas”] and then I kept crying. I kept being like, ‘This song is so deep.’ Do other people see how deep this is?”

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  1. Carl

    No.. I dnt even really get what the song is about I just know that I like it.


    jess Reply:

    @Carl, LMFAO!


  2. TC

    :-/ Jojo.


  3. A Dude

    JoJo has a crush on Drake..haha


  4. Carl

    So by the comments so far I guess this girl is just looking into the lyrics to much…


  5. J-Angel

    uuhhh…Drake’s song is actually sad & deep!!! There is nothing fly or cute about being a stripper – it is actually heartbreaking to see girls exploit themselves 4 some change & get treated like dog sh*t by the dudes at the grimy strip joints. I think u have to be an intellectual to get what JoJo was saying…this is over your heads boo boos!!!
    P.S. – JoJo’s version is dope as hell. I loved how she flipped it and showed the sad side of the game. You go JoJo. I’m with you girl. This is way over these fools’ heads.


  6. Tom

    @J-Angel, agree a hundred percent. I think some of you people really need to listen to drake’s version and take in the lyrics and then do the same with JoJo’s. They both are two of the best tracks of the decade for me and it just makes you sound really ignorant


  7. Hazel

    I think people seriously underestimate Drake & JoJo. JoJo just like Drake is a REAL artist and she understands the depth and meaning behind his words, and I think in todays music industry many artists lack the “real”. Everyone is quick to want to do the new dance crazes like the Douggie, but people fail to really listen to the meaning behind certain songs. Artists like Drake and JoJo don’t just make songs, they re-create reality, whether it’s happened to them or those around them, what she sings or what he raps is truth, it’s life.

    JoJo has done an AMAZING job in re-creating Drakes songs, because while he speaks from a male perspective, females think in the same way, and JoJo gives us that voice.


  8. in love

    in love…

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