New Music: Omarion – ‘What Do You Say’ (Co-written by Chris Brown)

Omarion and Chris Brown

Chris Brown helps pen “What Do You Say,” a new track from his friend Omarion’s third solo album Ollusion, in stores Tuesday. O sings about getting to know his girl better on the mid-tempo Battle Royal production. The entire album can be streamed on his MySpace page.

Download: Omarion – “What Do You Say”

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  1. imjustsaying

    i love it! i just heard his album ollusion on the link to some myspace he put on his twitter omg his album is so fire!


  2. B-Rad

    Jan. 12 couldn’t come any faster. I’ve been waiting for this album for months. THE KING OF DANCE HAS RETURNNEEDDDD!!!!!!


  3. Graffiti Bandit


    “King of Dance?”… kill yourself.


  4. B-Rad

    @ Graffiti Bandit… Kill Yourself! HATERZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. I knew someone would eventually hate. People who hate on others have no life so they try to make someone else’s life a living hell. Kill Yourself…. You serve no purpose in this world!


  5. kapiamba

    hope this gonna work in the proper way.


  6. Ash

    Chris also co-wrote “Speeding” Omarion’s 2nd single.


  7. lenny

    what kinds of glasses is Chris Brown wearing??


  8. B-Rad

    Listen to his entire album @, It’s a banger for Real!


  9. Catie

    Not bad!


  10. sunday

    we all know chris can write,sing,dance and produce
    however the media and the haters will not allow him to be great,but only God has the last say.


  11. miss lady

    ok i feel it


  12. miss sexy

    oh my gosh haters can eat themself,caus thz album is the ish,i love omarion and chris


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