Angie Martinez’s 39th Birthday Bash

Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and Angie

Music’s biggest names have chatted with Angie Martinez on her radio show over the years. Some of those stars came out to party with the Hot 97 personality as she celebrated her 39th birthday. Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Rev Run, Omarion, Nina Sky, Adrienne Bailon, Joe Budden, and more toasted the birthday girl at Quo Nightclub in New York City on Sunday night (Jan. 10).

Photos via Angie Martinez and WireImage

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  1. ouchhh!

    why did i think she was much younger than this?


  2. whosever

    Bey screaming for some attention. poor girl. I’ve never seen her with friends. Does she even has some?

    Happy B-day Angie!


    ROC NATION 4423 Reply:



  3. Tracie

    She looks GREAT!! Happy Birthday!!


  4. mr Awesome

    just awesome


  5. musakfool87

    Rah Digga looks good! I hope she drops something soon


  6. fatgirl

    illuminati in the house@ bey is washed up looking stupid her days are over


  7. Kyle

    I forgot Rah Digga existed. I’m glad to see her back on the scene cause her rhymes were hot!!! Angie Martinez seems like such a down to earth lady. I’m glad people flocked out to support her!


  8. WHAT

    wow shes 39.. amazing..


  9. daone

    i see bey wearing that dam red lipstick again lol ugh!!!!


  10. Dave

    I didn’t know that was Bey, her complexion is super light. *no comment* I didn’t know Angie was that old, O looks handsome as usual. Everyone else I can care less for.


  11. Pinoy

    Angie still looks hot!!!


  12. netta

    nina sky cut their hair????!!!!!rah who??bey bay!!! happy bday angie drop somethin soon i loved if i can go with lil mo


  13. Catie

    I know this is probably a weird comparison but am i the only one who seems a resemblance between Rah Digga and Kelly Rowland? They have very similar faces.


    drtash Reply:

    @Catie, I know you did not compare those two and insult kelly like that.Not cool…not cool.LOL.


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