Ke$ha Pens Song for Rihanna

Ke$ha and Rihanna

Pop’s hottest newcomer Ke$ha already has a No. 1 single with “Tik Tok,” and now she’s lending her songwriting talents to another superstar.

The 22-year-old singer, who released her debut album Animal last week, has penned a song for Rihanna. “I just wrote a song for Rihanna,” Ke$ha told BRAVO WebTV. While she didn’t divulge details, she did say that she “hopes” it will appear on RiRi’s next project.

Ke$ha sang the hook on Flo Rida’s chart-topper “Right Round.” Her songwriting credits include The Veronicas’ “This Love” and Miley Cyrus’ “The Time of Our Lives.”

Meanwhile, “Rude Boy” is slated to be the next single from Rihanna’s Rated R album, which is currently No. 14 on the Billboard 200.

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  1. OoOshii

    “NEXT PROJECT” Get ready Assholes for Rihanna


  2. young black and gifted

    i like kesha and right now blah, blah blah is my shit. i would like a kesha-rihanna collabo, but her writting for rihanna sounds like its gonna be a fun hit.


  3. RICH

    “Don’t stop, make it pop…” wow, what incredible songwriting skills Ke$ha has. lol


  4. BitchBooBYE

    Rihanna is just plain garbage and talentless who can’t even write a song for herself.


    SwaggerAreUs Reply:

    @BitchBooBYE, I know one thing….her album is dope…


    ARIES79 Reply:

    @BitchBooBYE, buy da album dumb azz she has writing credits on this album… don’t hate cause ya late….ha


  5. David Diaz

    @@@ bitchboobye she actually wrote and co executed her new album so dont hate plus alot of people wrote songs for rated r and she said she didnt want it cause she was writing and co writing thank u very much my manager interns at defjam



    jenn Reply:

    @David Diaz, rihanna didn’t write a thing on that album she just added some words. her name is even last for the writin becuz she added a few words. most artist name are firs becuz they really pennend a song. riri cant dance, cant sing good live, is not an amazing performer and she cant write a song. she’s just pretty and her clothes are hot. kesha, lady gaga, taylor swift and beyonce all can write songs if they want to.


  6. BitchBooBYE

    Rihanna didn’t write or co-write any of the songs on Rated wReck. Rihanna pulled a Beyonce and put her name in the credits.


    Riley Reply:

    @BitchBooBYE, Sorry-you-are-totally-wrong.


  7. Haven

    I mean if your a musical artist shouldn’t that mean u rite ur own songs I mean damn now I’m hearing she didn’t rite some of her songs. That’s crazy it means anybody can be a singer if u havecsomebody writing your lyrics for you smh


  8. That Rihanna Reign Just Won't Let Up

    I wonder if this means her next project wil be a party record


  9. Taisha

    I agree with bitchboobye. Rihanna can’t write for crap. She’s so talentless that she needs an infamous white girl with freckles to write for her. lmfao!


  10. golong

    @bitchboobye, she cant do that. if she do that then already there woud had been lawsuits and shit. plus some of the people said she wrote or co wroted her shit



  11. Carl

    You people are so dumb. She problem wrote a few words whilst the other songwritters structured it properly. I aagree with Haven. I find it annoying when an artist don’t write there own music. Then again I guess if we get the music. It’s not THAT big a deal.


  12. bijan

    @ARIES79, writing credits don’t mean shit. you can get a writing credit for anything it has more to do with politics than anything.
    bottom line… rihanna doesn’t write. rihanna is manufactured. rihanna has no creativity. rihanna has no personality.


  13. shelly-chelle

    i agree with taisha and bitchboobye. rihanna is a manufactured product from def jam they created her and she just follows what they tell her to do.


    amy Reply:

    @shelly-chelle, yep!totally agree.
    she’s Def Jam and Jay Z’s muppet..


  14. carlos

    Rihanna’s Rated R is Trash and suxx it is her worst CD ever and of course never buying that piece of crap!!! thats why i just stick to the best CIARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! now that girl can write dance and she singsss beautiful whether hatera like it or not!! CICI COME ON with 10′ baby!


  15. Rihannalicious

    Just shut up okay?! Because u just JELOUS of her.Her new album “Rated R” is gorgeous and i’m sure that Kesha’s song will be gorgeous too.AND DON’T FORGET THAT RIHANNA WRITED MANY SONGS FOR HER NEW ALBUM.So,SHUT UP!!


  16. sweet kinda

    rihanna can’t writed anything she is talentless.


  17. azure

    She’s not the most talented artist out but she is doin her thing and you cant hate on that.


    Writed? Really? Wow! Let’s hope she doesn’t get people with vocab like you to write for her!!


  18. bodacious

    to let you loosers tell it ri can’t pour pee out of a boot, fall back loosers and give the artist some air..


  19. bodacious

    ri does not have to lie about writing , and you can think what you want to think , and say what you want to say loosers . lets just wait, watch and see who gets the last laught..


  20. bodacious

    ri knows about all of the negative crap that is commented about her on the net so shes used to it now. and like i said before she is letting her haters be her motivators.. so the negative mess rolls off her back like water off a ducks butt….


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  23. Chad Sharp

    Ke$ha and Rihanna sounds interesting to me!


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  25. TysheemLinDarr

    I love Ke$ha and Ri! ;0 and Rube Boy is my ish! BUT Cold Case Love, G4L, and Hard are my ultimate favorites.


  26. rihannakesha

    All of u guys need to shut up beyonce,rihanna and kesha are the bomb ok so shut up


  27. rihannakesha

    RiRI and kesha to new mexico whooooo


  28. rafael

    rihanna hiphop as I can sing for me and help my family and to show the world that I have overcome in life


  29. tania

    j ador kesha c ma préféré star


  30. i luv l

    ok i luv them both, ppl say kesha cnt sing live….. ok thts PARTLY true she can sing, just not the kind of songs shes trying 2. but irl can WRITE hella good. idk about rihanna though she doesnt seem interesting………….


  31. Tiyona

    that is what im talking about kesha


  32. b**** a** hole

    het girl friend this is mah????????


  33. jose

    hey his


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