T.I. & Chris Brown ‘Take’ to Theaters This May


T.I. and Chris Brown have an action-packed summer ahead of them. Both artists will return to the big screen in Screen Gems’ Takers, which has a new release date.

The John Luessenhop-directed crime thriller, previously titled Bone Deep, revolves around a group of criminals who plan a major heist at a money depot, with two detectives hot on their trail. The film’s producers, Tip “T.I.” Harris and Brown, co-star alongside an all-star cast including Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, and Zoe Saldana.

T.I. previously starred in ATL and American Gangster, while Brown’s film credits include Stomp the Yard and the holiday movie This Christmas.

Originally scheduled for February, Takers will now hit theaters on May 14. T.I. will be able to attend the premiere. The Atlanta rapper, who was serving prison time on weapons charges, was released to a halfway house last month.

Takers Takers Takers

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    I can’t understand the ONLY sentence chris brown speaks out in this trailer.


    2 Buck Reply:

    @MONKEY, Its our biggest job yet and you dont seemed to jazzed


  2. Dizzle

    WOW!! looks hotttttt im deffo gonna watch dis shiitt :)


  3. NYC



  4. kapiamba

    this sh***t loooks like kind of bullsh**t.


  5. ...

    mmm, t.i. knows how to work a suit with his fine ass.


  6. parisian girl

    could someone translate what chris was trying to say?lol


  7. jazz

    Maybe if you haters take the negativity out of your ears you could hear. I don’t have a problem understanding him. And quess what he still got more money than any of you stanks.


  8. ugh

    why do their heads look so…inflated??
    photoshop fail haha


    anonymous Reply:

    @ugh, yeessssss i was just about to say their heads look like they’ve been glued onto different bodies. big photoshop FAIL! lol


    Harlem girl Reply:

    @ugh, lol, photoshop fail


  9. ugh

    why do their heads look so….inflated?
    HAHAHA photoshop fail!


  10. Rob

    Why are people still wanting to work with Chris Brown. Doesn’t beating women up mean anything?


    G girl the bay mayne yaddamean Reply:

    @Rob, u dumbass he filmed this movie way b4 that incident with Rih


    Freedom Reply:

    @Rob, just because he beat a woman up, because he had a midlife crisis, people can forgive him and work with him. he wouldnt of worked with so many people if they hadnt forgiven him.


  11. MzJaeUcraZy

    I Been Waitin For This Movie… Yay! So Now I Knw Wat Movie I’m Gonna See For My B Day Wkend…


  12. crystal

    ok that movie look fucking cool i cant wait to see that peace out



    IS it me or do their heads look photo shopped on? LOL

    AND cummon Chris SPEAK INGLISH


  14. sweet kinda

    mr.solo-dolo stop hating on chris brown and yes he can speak inglish.


  15. Graffiti Bandit

    this shit will bomb.


  16. Dillon_68

    Chris Brown’s line???

    “How big is hot sh**, you see it through jazz”?


  17. breezyfeen

    Breezy says – It is our biggest heist yet and you don’t seem to trust Jazz.


  18. sweet kinda

    i love you chris brown.


  19. sweet kinda

    monkey if you stop hating on chris brown you will understand his sentence.


    MONKEY Reply:

    @sweet kinda, Why do people always say hating, I don’t even care about chris brown… I just watched the trailer, and I rewatched that part for 3 times and still did not understand it.


  20. latifa

    i love you chris brown♥


  21. Jimmywest

    i just want too see that movie cuz chris brown


  22. samella

    should show and even more with Chris Brown


  23. jole

    go!!! chris


  24. Catie

    Yeah i couldn’t understand a word that Chris said besides jazz…


  25. star

    Yall are ovisly deff. I easlu understood what he SAID. haters


  26. Man

    Alot of you haters saying Chris Brown can’t speak english, how the hell can you all talk, alot of you can’t even spell! You are not trying to understand, the only thing you all want to do is hate. Man, is it ever going to end? I guess you all are going to hate in all of 2010 also. Keep pushing Chris, haters will continue to hate-hi haters!


  27. amy

    chris probably can speak better than half of u.lmfao.

    cant wait to see the movie..

    but honestly..worst photoshop job ever!!


  28. sweet kinda

    chris brown all the way go chris.


  29. trapmuzik

    can’t wait <3 love ya T.I.


  30. arie

    I am a fan of all the cast members in the movie, can’t wait to see it. Leave Chris Brown alone already, so many of you that are hating on him probably don’t speak proper english at all, anything to critisize him. I wish him T.I. and the rest of the cast members well, hope it does good.


  31. Abshirizikinta

    that’s good staff,bet its betta than ATL coz combining tha 2 musicians in a movie is tha bomb!!!


  32. Rebecca Garcia

    To answer your question MONKEY he says “this is our first heist and you don’t seem to jazzed about it”


  33. BreeAnna Johnson

    i cant wait til dis movie cum out i want 2 c it so bad


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