Video: Omarion – ‘Speedin”

Omarion races to rescue his love in the video for “Speedin’,” the second single from his third solo album Ollusion, in stores tomorrow. Did O get there in time? Watch and find out.

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  1. blake

    I really like this song!!


  2. o-shai

    o!! is back like he laft something

    the is dope he did hus thing and the vid is great

    omarion is the king of dance…


  3. NJJ



  4. Gary

    Wow, that song isn’t bad.


  5. B-Rad

    I will be buying the album on Jan. 12. Omarion is back like he left something.


  6. o-shai

    Im gona buy the album too..


  7. blah

    Chris brown should have kept this song, he would sound so much better on it.


  8. o-shai

    chris brown did not was co-writtien on that song he was on omarion “What Do You Say” song…


  9. Dave

    Nice song, great vocals, nice vid


  10. DeDe

    I love the song and the video I’m gonna buy the Album when it comes out


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