Fergie Flaunts Assets in ‘Imma Be’ Video


Fergie threw on her Louboutins and a sexy leotard on the set of the Black Eyed Peas’ futuristic video for “Imma Be,” the next single off the group’s smash album The E.N.D.

According to RadarOnline.com, the singer and her bandmates, will.i.am, apl.de.ap, and Taboo, filmed the clip on a desert road in Lancaster, Calif., on Wednesday (Jan. 13) with extras dressed as robots.

Check out Fergie’s lovely lady lumps below the jump.


Photo credit: RadarOnline.com via On Location News

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  1. musicjones59

    Fergie’s Legs are Killer !


  2. Vinny

    Beyoncé – Diva? or Ciara Work?

    Ps.: I luv Fergie and BEP


    Dizzle Reply:

    @Vinny, Ciara – Work!!lol…but i dnt see why beyonce n ciara names has to do with this??


  3. Vinny

    Sasha Fierce!


  4. WILL

    FERGIE IS MY FUTURE WIFE……..THATS DEAD REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Dillon_68

    *jaw drops*


  6. Gisellle

    It’s gonna be FIRE! I love BEP.


  7. blackrds

    now nobody better not tell me she aint doing sasha fierce i mean come on she got the glove and everything.She has said that she was a fan of beyonce before so ill let her slide lol


  8. Hot Shot: Fergie Brings The Heat In ‘Imma Be’ VIDEO « BITCHBOOMBYE

    [...] Rap-Up.com has provided a first look at the new Black Eyed Peas video for ‘Imma Be’, the next single from their smash album ‘The E.N.D.’. In this shot, Fergiedisplays her out of this world body during filming of the futuristic clip. The video was shot in the desert of Lancaster, California on Wednesday. [...]

  9. ugh

    FIRST beyonce didnt invent the leotard or the glove or metallic pieces on her clothes. SECOND beyonces look is all manufactured by STYLISTS, DESIGNERS (thiery mugler) and her label. Get off her dick(i mean this literally) already you sad and pathetic stans. Why cant you just be happy for someone and say they look nice? why you always gotta bring someone down only to bring up a false idol?

    Fergie looks great and i am excited to see the finished product of the video. The caliber of BEP videos never dissapoint.


    P!eter Reply:

    @ugh, I understand what you say about fergie, but do you hate Beyoncé or what? Because Beyoncé ain’t a false idol, btw i really like them both (Beyoncé and Fergie)


    Joyams Reply:

    @ugh, I totally agree with you, i can’t understand since im watching this blog why everybody is talking about someone else on an article. I love Beyoncé and respect her work, but stop talking about her on every article, damn!

    Btw, BEP is fire!


  10. bass_man

    Dumb excited for this video!! Love the Bee ee pee. Can’t wait to see Fergie go off. She makes this song.

    Hopefully it’ll get the single’s spins/downloads up.

    and yes. we see the sasha fierce hand/leotard. but, hey. who cares?


  11. KNUCK

    I definitely didn’t see sasha fierce when I looked at these pics.. I can think of 50 female super heroes/villains that wore leotards and metallic gloves and ish.. she gave me wonder woman alter ego teas.

    Leave it to these Beyonce obsessed fools to turn a post around. Let the bitch take her break hell..


  12. Jamie


    BEP are hotttt though


  13. LaMont

    She has a really nice body! I can’t wait to see the video!!


  14. lild9

    thought they were shooting the video for Rock That Body???? i thought that was the next single?? wither way this is a better song!!! cant wait to see the video


  15. ubetteagota F*k life.Rihannya

    can’t wait to see the video.


  16. 100% Nikehead

    The Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D. album is the only CD which every song could be a single, it is simply incredible. This song is definately gonna another number one hit on billboard. Cant wait to see this video.


  17. Gabriela Mota

    Hi, my name is Gabriela, the fergie was just too good in this clip, she is also pretty normal, but the video was very well produced! congratulations to the directors, hugs!


  18. Brooklyn

    hi my name is brooklyn and wow i think fergie is such a awsome singer IMMA BEE


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