Chris Brown in Milan for Fashion Week

Chris Brown

Chris Brown jetted overseas to Italy to check out the latest menswear during Milan Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010/2011. His first stop was a cocktail party for Missoni on Friday (Jan. 15) where he sported one of the designer’s signature scarves. The “Crawl” singer is a fashion enthusiast and avid sneaker collector, owning over 600 pairs!

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  1. Dizzle

    i want that jacket he’s wearing :O lol


  2. TrueSoul

    Good to see him out and enjoying himself. Speaking of Crawl.. Love the entire Graffit album, can’t stop playing it.


  3. Tracie

    This boy is so damn FINE!! Nice to see him rubbing elbows with one of the most influential fashion dynasties in Italy. He is on his fashion steez and it’s looking right. My favorite song on Graffiti? Well it’s hard to choose….Falling Down, Wait, Movie, Brown Skin Girl…eff it I love the whole thing. lol


  4. Camila

    Love Chris Brown


  5. AAA

    He looks good..keep it up



    good for him!


  7. vickie

    looking fine (as usual)!!!


  8. Jermaine

    Who cares? Dude’s carrer is ova. His last album was a flop and his singles dont reach a top 20.
    I mean really he aint relevant anymore.
    Trey songz replaces him.
    I remember that back in the day when Trey was in “Yo” music video he was tryin to use Chris’s success to get a little attention
    and now trey got the attention that Chris lost by beating and trying to kill Rihanna just because of a text message.
    No trey is on Tour with Jay! Working with great producers for his new album, an epic new album
    while Chris Brown is wasting his time in parties and fashion week.
    Poor Chris he lost errything last year: Carreer, girlfriend and credibility.
    He just should go somewhere to hide his killer face.
    And please dont tell “Oh you are still on this”
    Yes I’m still on this cause domestic violence is a serious matter and chris should be in jail for what he have done to rihanna
    not stuntin @ a fashion week in Italia.

    Anyway Team Trey the new R&B dude in the Game.


    dan Reply:

    @Jermaine, bro….ur wrong
    chris brown is way more talented then trey


    Jermaine Reply:

    yeah he got the talent for beating his girlfriend
    but trey is sexy and can sing!
    He is the new king he gonna have a major tour with jay

    I bet at the end of this tour he wont talk to Chris Anymore cause he gonna become the new king of R&B hate it or love it


    MeFools Reply:

    @Jermaine, You sound like a realy fool! The media blew that fight out of proportion but honestly it is 2010 and I really don’t give a damn. Chris & that little fool were both too young to have had to been put through the crap they both endured! I really don’t see what Trey has to do with a discussion of Chris? They appeal to similar but completely different audiences. For your information Chris has a song on his CD ft Trey & the Game. They all did the damn thing on that song so shut up hater and get a life.

    Also, 1 fight does not make him an abuser of women why don’t you run that crap on: Charlie Sheen(has been several women), Eminem (beat wife Kim), Mickey Rourke (beat wife Carrie Otis), Tom Sizemore (beat wife 2 times), Toby Keith (beat several women) and U mentioned Jay-Z who beat Foxy Brown, Charlie Baltimore and Amil Lion remember? Oh that’s right he’s now married to Beyonce so I guess he’s forgiven right?


  9. TrueSoul


    Wow, dudes stanning for Trey.. how cute.
    But like you said. Chris is in Milan , Trey is doing his thinkg… But what are YOU doing??

    Domestic viloence is serious.. happens daily.. and not to pop princesses.. So life goes on. He’s getting help, and any album he released w/ the bad press is an accomplishment. High numbers or not. I love it, its an Amazing album. there lost.


    Jermaine Reply:


    I just wanna ask you the same question: what are you doing?
    Defending a woman beater?
    His last album was an epic flop and no one loves it!

    except Teyana Taylor who try hard to get a carreer

    Anyway Trey Kills his carreer !
    He sells more than him the 1st week and gonna have a numba 1 song soon

    here is my advice for the woman beater go back hiding you face in Virginia and dont waist your time in Italia or in industry events when you know that erryoneis lauging on you behing your back

    Team trey songz!


  10. Paula

    Chris is very beautiful!!!
    I love him!!
    ♫ So let’s crawl, crawl, crawl…back to love, back to love..” ♫


    Jermaine Reply:

    Yeah crawling is all he can do to have a duet on trey’s album the new prince of r&b

    team trey forever


  11. Cilia

    Hmmmm…he actually looks very good.


  12. dr

    i cant believe yall r really arguing over cb got damnn get alife!!! he got his let him live it.


  13. A Dude

    Jermaine, we all know he’s over ;)


  14. bass_man

    good look..


  15. Ghetto Fab

    Really is that his outfit?? He gotta come a little harder especially for Milan fashion week. I mean come on it is Milan.


  16. adi serolf

    he is a pig, women beaters and abusers are PIGS


  17. amy





  18. 112

    Trey Songz is not the king of RnB Usher is when trey gets a gold record then he may be in the top 10


  19. d mack

    Its funny that this team trey person is going on every website that has this story and posting the same bs on every 1-lol. And there not fooling any1 that’s really team rihtard trying to start beef between trey and cb but ot won’t work. This was a good look for cb….baby stepps back to the top!!


    Booski Reply:

    @d mack,

    hahahaha I noticed that too!! Why is that person on every blog copying and pasting that bogus rant?? Its like they are mad Chris is stunting all over Milan. This has undercover Rih-stan written all over it. All trey stans know that chris and tremaine are good friends, “it ain’t no beef”!!

    Carry on Chris and do what you gotta do


    amy Reply:

    @d mack, i noticed it too.hahhaha.lameee..nice try


  20. Isis

    Trey and Chris are great friends…there is a bomb duet on Graffiti called Wait that features Trey. Jermaine please get a life…your Queen Rihanna is doing fine…everyone is moving on…find something else to obsess over okay?


  21. Isis

    Oh forgot to say how sexy and debonair Chris is looking. He was the special invited guest of Marghreta Missoni heiress to one of the biggest fashion houses in Europe!! You go Chris…that’s a good look. Jermaine you wish you could do 1/2 the things Chris, Trey or even Ri for that matter is doing…so sad for you loser.


  22. YoSick

    Jermaine, respect!!!!!


  23. Ash

    Jermaine didn’t I just you on another 3 blogs? Stop get off Chris nuts. lord have mercy. Trey must be doing good for you to be stunting this HARD!


  24. rosiie

    jermaine thanks, because chris browns haters are makin’ him famous! carry ornhain’

    i<3u chris!



  25. ubetteagota F*k life.Rihannya

    nice and good 4 him


  26. missy

    go breezyy !! just do you


  27. MeFools

    Wow, Chris is looking simply gorgeous these days just check out the “back to the crib video” with Julez! It is really good to see him out & about in Milan no less you go boy. Keep doing you gorgeous!

    P.S. Graffiti is WONDERFUL for anyone interested in a true evaluation of his new CD! Peace in 2010 to us all!


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