Video: Amerie’s Plea for Haiti

Many celebrities are pitching in to help the victims of the Haiti earthquake. Amerie has posted a video urging fans to donate to UNICEF to help provide clean drinking water, food, and supplies for children affected by the disaster.

“I think it’s really important to remember that there are a lot of things going on in this world other than what’s going on in our own lives and sometimes we can actually extend a hand out there and help,” she said. “Every individual can make a difference.”

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  1. lala




    Dave Reply:

    @lala, Sit yo ass down. She is here for the good music, not album sales. If you didn’t have nothing nice to say, you shouldn’t have said anything. Because clearly she made it for a “GREATER” cause. Evil ass people I swear..


    jessicarabbitszs Reply:

    @Dave, Please ignore LALA, of all the times to sit at your computer and hate this is not the time. She/he/it needs to grow a soul


    100% Nikehead Reply:

    @lala, How is it a plea for album sales when her album came out over 2 months ago wtf. This is for the cause of rebuilding and helping the people of Haiti through this tough time. Lala that just shows how much of a dumb broad u are u only think about yourself and the bad, never the good u need help idk how u were brought up but u should feel fkn ashamed of yourself.


    Joyams Reply:

    @lala, Oh shut the fu*k up once!


    YES! Reply:

    @lala, the fuck is wrong with you?


    bass_man Reply:

    @lala, go to Hell


    Dillon_68 Reply:

    @lala, Have a heart, this is too serious of a matter to make bullsh** excuses like that. Amerie’s album came out months ago and she stated that she is aware the economy is bad. First Omarion, now Amerie. Some people have HEARTS. These people are in my constant prayers. =(


  2. JH

    She is BEYOND beautiful…


  3. Dave

    I love her. Such a loving woman


  4. SonChiggity

    I knew some jackass was gonna come in here and say some dumb shit like “flop” or “plea for album sales”. There are much bigger issues at hand. Sit the fuck down.


  5. jessicarabbitszs

    I love her. I’ll do what I can

    LALA is trifling..


  6. R&B Fan

    Thank you for helping to spread the word Amerie. I love you! You ain’t doin nothin if you don’t have haters so don’t stop for them boo!


  7. Joyams

    Some people should accept that some artists aren’t doing everything for promotion and sales. There’s some artists who are really kind-hearted and i think that amerie is one of them. I hope people in Haiti are gonna be fine.


  8. YES!

    she’s such a beautiful person.


  9. Catie

    Everyone needs to donate something! Even if your beyond broke, donate whatever you can.


  10. touche

    stfu lala! how the hell is she pleading for album sales? she didn’t plug her album once. amerie is a sweet heart and really does care about people. i swear, people these days…


  11. Jordyn

    lala u need help sweetheart. … Amerie is so beyond the album sales and stuff all she wants is to please her fans which she has. & she also wants to continue making amazing timeless music and she has so please sit down & stop hating really u need to help haiti instead of saying evil comments as such!


  12. Parisian girl

    Lmao@lala,you just got dragged up and down by everybody,you can go sit your flat ass down somewhere now!!!this is what you get for talking shit!LOL


  13. musicatedone

    I have already donated and I don’t think Amerie is doing this for album sales…I can think of a few who probably do…lol smh


  14. lunita

    guys please don’t donate to UNICEF they’re a corrupt organisation. I’ve seen some horrible things they do in Sudan… there are many other organisations which will give real help to those poor people who are suffering in Haiti


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