Video: Shontelle – ‘Licky (Under the Covers)’


R&B singer Shontelle, best known for her 2008 hit “T-Shirt,” puts her best fashion foot forward in the Ray Kay-directed video for “Licky (Under the Covers).” The Sean Garrett-penned dance record is the first taste from the Barbados native’s sophomore album, due this spring.

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  1. rhea

    i actually lyke it…da chorus izz stuck in ma head :)


  2. bass_man

    catchy song. video’s really fashion forward which people are into now.
    She did quite a turn around from “T-Shirt”


  3. dr

    vid is ok
    song is annoying
    everybody wants 2 be edgy now wtf??
    only rihanna can pull that shit off.


    R.I.P. MJ Reply:

    @dr, no don’t try that shit.

    rihanna is not the only one


    HUBBA-HUBBA Reply:

    @R.I.P. MJ, thank u


    Carltinio Reply:

    @HUBBA-HUBBA, she isn’t the only one; but damn she’s the best at it – and keeps it moving ;)


  4. Catie

    The song is not bad but the music video is boring! Where is the choreography?!


  5. dr

    maybe not but one of the very few.


  6. Billy

    Is this really the same girl who sang “T-Shirt”? My, how you’ve grown!

    Look how mainstream Gaga crazy fashion is becoming.


  7. Fun Time

    It samples Larry Tee’s “Licky” an electroclash hit sung by Princess and far far better and more interesting than this.


  8. Elijah

    This song is very catchy but I have a few suggestions….

    If you’re going to have an awesome dance-pop song with a booming bass beat- DANCE in your video. If you can’t at least hire a choreographer to try and teach you (Rihanna). I would have come with a strong DANCE routine in this video.

    The dark makeup makes Shontelle look way too old for this music vibe. But, I did like the innovative fashion risks and that long ponytail.

    I will be putting this song on my iPod immediately and I do enjoy hearing it….i only heard the song on the radio 2 times and it was between the hours of 2-5am.


    But i’m sure if Britney did this song- it would’ve been all over the radio right now, maybe even #1.


    dan Reply:

    @Elijah, of course, as you can see britney does not even need promotion to get straight to number 1 with her songs these days

    maybe its because britneys voice fits perfect to electropop…
    she is in her own league in that kind of genre


    Ghetto Fab Reply:

    @dan, Britney’s “voice” LMAO what voice??? This chick is the queen of autotune/lipsynching. I doubt we’ve ever even heard that damn voice. You right to say league of her own lol. People with a brain don’t even listen to her shit


    Catie Reply:

    @Ghetto Fab, hmmm..

    Go listen to “Out From Under” from “Circus” if you want to hear Britney’s “real” voice. She can sing and she has proven it time and time again.


    bass_man Reply:

    @Elijah, truth spoken


    Elijah Reply:

    @Elijah, I am starting to hear her song on the radio now…. they are already mentioning that she’s from Rihanna’s hometown of Barbados….she’s about to blow up! I actually PURCHASED the single off of iTunes- that’s how much I believe in Shontelle. I also made “Licky” my ringtone. If you look at the single cover, she is actually dressed in a white tank top and black shorts- reminiscent of Rihanna.

    Put on a show Shontelle….. give it to ‘em.


  9. Ghetto Fab

    The song is catchy its just what those teeny boppers are into right now. That electropop shit. Good for you Shontelle go on and get a piece of that pie. Is it me or does she give off a Naomi Campbell vibe??? She’s beautifull. I’m sure this will be a hit. The video is cool too.

    Just because people want to dress in high fashion doesn’t mean they are copying Gaga and Rihanna. People have been wearing haute couture and avant garde pieces for fucking years people. Haven’t yall ever heard of Madonna and Grace Jones??


  10. Ghetto Fab

    Nice catchy song. Everyone is into that Electropop shit now.

    And I see people already starting up with the comparisons. Rihanna and Lady Gaga aren’t the first two people to wear haute couture or avante garde pieces straight off the runway so hush people. Haven’t yall ever heard of Madonna and Grace Jones???


    Bark + Bite Reply:

    @Ghetto Fab, while Rihanna was certainly not the first, there’s no denying that she’s one the most visible ones doing it now. And Shontelle is clearly taking notes of what she’s doing. Nobody and nothing in this world is original, but you’ve got to customize and tweak things just enough so that you put your own little spin on it.


  11. Liss

    she looks like a dude!!


    fi Reply:

    respect…how come u notice that and everyone else is talking about britney here….
    they all are doing things that are so 5 years ago in the gay scene…you could see this kinda style in NY since the late 70ies on trannies and drag queens in performances!


  12. NoHater

    RIHANNA 2 OMG :’(


  13. YEAH!

    she looks like dawn from dk in some parts…and the song is okay but ppl might be tired of it by the time she reales it in the us which is in june lol


  14. Joser

    There’s too much going on in the video.
    The song is annoying.
    Overall very poor.


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