Drake Catches a Wave in Hawaii


Drake took a break from recording his highly-anticipated debut album Thank Me Later to do some jet skiing in Hawaii with members of his entourage. Rumor has it he is there working with Kanye West.

The two-time Grammy nominee already snagged Jay-Z for one track called “Light Up.” “It’s crazy. I’m really, really, really excited about it,” he told Rap-Up TV. “I managed to get this rap record with this crazy hook in the lane of ‘Forever,’ but not really. It’s that type of triumphant feel though.”

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  1. A sta

    wut entourage……young mula babbbbbbbbbeeeeee……..he betr not fall off dat thing again….lol


    HUBBA-HUBBA Reply:

    @A sta, lmao


  2. phoenix_wight

    he better not push it back cause I’m tired of hearing “coming soon”.


  3. bass_man

    he better not bust his shit on that thing. I think I’m anticipating this album more than I was with Cudi’s.


  4. AAA

    my drizzy…..


  5. shelly-chelle

    he finally took his shirt off hehe I thought i’d never see him w/o a shirt. looks good though!


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