Marc Anthony Guests on Cypress Hill Album

Cypress Hill and Marc Anthony

It’s not often you hear Cypress Hill and Marc Anthony mentioned in the same sentence, but the hip-hop/rock group and Latin crooner are about to turn heads with their new collaboration.

Producer Jim Jonsin tells that Jennifer Lopez’s husband is featured on “Armada Latina,” a song off Cypress Hill’s forthcoming album Rise Up. “I got Marc Anthony on the hook,” he reveals. Pitbull, whose hit single “Hotel Room Service” was produced by Jonsin, rounds out the trifecta.

In addition, Jonsin produced a few other tracks on the West Coast veterans’ first studio effort in six years, which marks a departure for both parties. “The sessions with Cypress Hill were a good example of harder music and more meaningful music,” he says. “I’m excited about this project.”

Rise Up‘s first single is the title track featuring Rage Against the Machine/ Street Sweeper Social Club’s Tom Morello, who also appears on a second cut “Shut ’Em Down.” The album is due April 6 on Priority Records.

–Reporting by Arianna Davis

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  1. zoe

    should be an interesting mix.


  2. yamaha

    Woow , can be really cool !

    I love Jlo :)

    Hope marc can do a great song with Cypress


  3. La Verdad

    sounds very scary. Marc Anthony is a sell out and Cypress Hill is the real thing. Can someone remind me why Marc Anthony is even famous ? Didnt he really only have one hit in the general market ? He was a great salsa singer but its more smoke and mirrors que mas na.


  4. muse

    whats wrong ?
    u should to be famous or have one hit in the market to can sing with Cypress Hill ??
    NO !!

    marc anthony is a grammy winner , he had a beautiful voice !so much talent and great salsa and pop song .

    Come on “LA VERDAD” , take your hand and try differents collaborations !

    Nobody heard the song …u can say that it sounds very scary .


    Maravish95 Reply:

    @muse, right Muse i agree with you, i bet you still listen to March Anthony ‘ it will be a type latin style i guess, great collab !


  5. adi serold

    “la verdad” should call herself “la mentira”…marc anthony with only one HIT!! crazy person to think that…he’s a star and will HELP that guy rapper do a good thing…learn your story before you intend to write…ok?


  6. bass_man

    I wanna hear that! Marc Anthony needs all the hype he can get; he’s starting to get the title of “J.Lo’s hubby”. He’s definitely above that.


  7. miroslava

    Well, let’s see: Cypress Hill in youtube have a song with over five million views and then two songs with over two million views and then with less than one million. On the other hand Marc Anthony has more than one track with over six million views more than one song with more than five million views many songs with over two million views and many with more than one million views. If you want to see a live performance of Marc Anthony have uploaded thousands from his concerts. If you want to see a live performance of Cypress Hill will have great difficulty to find. So would you please explain what exactly is meant by “real thing” for that band? Because each live performance of Marc Anthony is really live and no other performer can achieve such singing live.
    On the other hand, if one person read more gossip than listen music for him Marc Anthony will always be the husband of Jennifer Lopez. This does not mean anything. Many of my acquaintances whose are actively listeners to music saying: Is Marc Anthony Actually was married to a someone famous?
    But have one thing that I am fully agree – has made me afraid to think about what would happen with this collaboration.


  8. miroslava

    Please excuse me – have uploaded a some of live performances of this group. They are good without being brilliant, but good. However, no comparison with Marc Anthony. Now I know why they need of Marc Anthony.


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  10. Teresita Gomez

    Who is the original song from????? Damn I cannot pinpoint it


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