Video: Wyclef Jean Responds to Criticism

Wyclef Jean has responded to accusations that he is personally profiting from his Yele Haiti Foundation, which has raised over $2 million in relief for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

The former Fugees member said that the money in question went toward production for shows that benefited the foundation. “I never and would ever take money for my personal pocket when it comes to Yele,” he stated. “So not only do I denounce all that, I’m disgusted by that.”

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  1. ugh

    i am also disgusted that people are attacking his integrity and his motives for helpig out people in need. what kind of world do we live in when we have to question or suspect someones motive for helping others? you can tell Wyclef and his organization have their heart in the right place and their goal is to save the lives of the people in his homeland, his origins the place he wants to see succeed. Living in Haiti he himself knows how much help his people need.


  2. bass_man

    i think “disgusting” is the best word for those accusations. From the jump, before all of this disaster, he has been very vocal about Yele.



    They are just haters who don’t want let him do his things like he did and still doing


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