Alicia Keys Reigns in Spain

Alicia Keys

After globetrotting through Tokyo last week, Alicia Keys continued her whirlwind promo tour with a stop in Madrid, Spain, on Monday (Jan. 18). She performed cuts off The Element of Freedom at the Teatro Real opera house.

Alicia, along with Justin Timberlake and Christina Aguilera, will participate in George Clooney and Wyclef Jean’s Hope for Haiti benefit, airing Friday on over a dozen U.S. television networks.

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  1. Baron

    Love this album, 2nd fav of hers after Diary.


  2. bass_man

    I am loving this album


  3. A Dude

    Bow to the QUEEN !


  4. bonka

    Gotta love Alicia.


  5. shelly-chelle

    what is she wearing? and I’m not feelin the hair either. Love her as an artist though.


  6. Jeremy

    she still look gud


  7. Jeremy

    and might i add such aye gud album from 1-16 no fast forwarding just restarts on all the songs


    Lisa Reply:

    @Jeremy, i agree. this is her best album and one of the best albums i’ve heard in years.


    Jeremy Reply:

    @Lisa, yeah love is blind, love is mi disease,how it feels 2 fly,unthinkable,put it in aye long song,pray for forgivness are the stands out and alot more they are the ones i repeat the most…alicia keys and keri hilson are the only 2 cd i bought in 09


  8. Cat

    The whole album, “Element of Freedom” is superior to her other albums. It has depth and raw emotion. She also has a variety of musical styles.

    She has clear matured as an artist. Love, LOVE the entire album.


  9. Jeremy

    yeah sumthing different very gud


  10. KORT

    I luv Alicia and her new album.. Can’t wait to see her in concert. Good look with the telethon, too.


  11. Jeremy

    oh yeah she is giong on tour i wish she would come 2 birmingham alabama


  12. CagedBird

    The Element of Freedom is a classic! Bump the Grammys


  13. Brii

    I am always in awe of your phoots and then arrive at the end with the goofy ones and start laughing! The last two shots from this wedding were particularly well composed; color and lighting, and of course the poses! Nice work, as always, Dan and Matt!


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