Video: Jennifer Lopez Does Stand-Up Comedy

Jennifer Lopez filled in for George Lopez on his TBS late-night show “Lopez Tonight” Monday, cracking jokes during the opening monologue. “Welcome to ‘Lopez Tonight,’ where nobody gets fired, they just get replaced by a bigger star with the same last name,” she laughed. Tell us if you think J.Lo killed.

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  1. jaytavarez

    she was totally cute thx 4 posting (:


  2. yamaha

    I LOVE HER !!!



    JLO ON GLO lol !!


  3. rabah

    she killed it !! LMAO LOVE JENNIFER


  4. sarah

    her outfit is amazing, and yes she killed it . she’s so funny and nice .


  5. master

    love jlo u kill every time!!
    amazing :)


  6. sara


    She killed it. lol love all the George Lopez moves. best part when she looked into the camara and said sorry conan.


  7. F

    I was glad we had gotten rid of her, she’s back again oh dear


  8. bass_man

    j.Lo’s something else! Love that woman! How many other entertainers could/would do that?

    I’m ready to hear “Love?”; I hope it does well for her. Rap-Up’s preview has me anticipating.


  9. FICO

    I LOVE JENNIFER LOPEZ as we all know that…IF RapUp posts anything about her you’ll always see my name haha..She can never do no wrong,to me at least. But yeah she did great and she had jus come from Larry King from the Donations to Haiti segment. I LOVE JENNIFER LOPEZ <3<3<3


  10. Jay2010

    “As latinos call it, ‘Crazy white people day’ “daaaaaamn !!! love her, she’s still ghetto and still got the BOOOTY ! can”t wait for ‘Love?’ to drop


  11. ana

    Heck yeah she killed it!
    So silly :)
    Wouldnt mind seeing more J.Lo on G.lo


  12. Andariego

    She deff did kill it! Like, she was naturally funny…she did the comedy and added her own J.Lo swag to it. NICE.


  13. NoHater

    thats what shes does best. SHES AN ACTOR NO DOUBT!!! GREAT J LO !!!


  14. Elida

    I love that girl! She is awesome and well rounded. She took on this show and delivered, I’m proud of my P.R.super star!!!


  15. Catie

    Legend! I love Jennifer, i can’t wait for that album.


    yamaha Reply:

    @Catie, ME TOO :) GO JLO !


  16. SwaggerAreUs

    I’d watch a show that J.Lo host! She was dope!


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