Kanye West & Amber Rose Are Fur-ocious

Kanye West and Amber Rose

Wait ’til PETA gets a glimpse of Kanye West and Amber Rose’s outfits. The fashionable Mr. West and his girlfriend donned fur coats while attending the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Menswear Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2010/2011 on Thursday (Jan. 21). Kelis recently came under attack from the animal rights organization after she was spotted wearing fur in London.

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  1. bass_man

    that is not okay. [but damn amrose looks good]


  2. Ghetto Fab

    Nice looking couple. I’m sure PETA is going to have a field day with them lol


  3. key

    yeah,they will do the same to kanye and i guess he will hv a answer, well those organisation can send money in HAITI too than open mouth about crocodile and bear in the north pole


    Joyams Reply:

    @key, shut up you dumb ignorant, this is two things not linked.


  4. adonis cleveland

    Kanye and amber are a good couple.people hate on them because they aint fashion built like them and yes kanye is cool no matter what he did in the past!!! i like the fur coats.


  5. Burmy

    Yup…these HYPOCRITES at PETA will strike again.

    They’ve confessed to funding eco-terrorism, inhibiting AIDS, cancer, and other disease research-plus they killed 25,106 more animals than Michael Vick ever did-and our government gives them TAX-EXEMPT STATUS?

    And don’t even get me started with their “sea kittens” marketing research-so does that mean I should start eating my folks’ “land fish” then?


  6. Shelly

    Burmy – you need to get your facts straight, you are seriously in need of schooling.
    Kanye and Amber both look ridiculous in those fur coats, proving yet once again they are self absorbed, narcissistic stars. Violence against animals OR people should not be tolerated. “Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars… Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” MLK, Jr.





  8. The Answer

    @shelly, I find it hilarious that you tell Burmy he needs to get his facts str8, and he is in need of some schooling… then back it up with nothing related to what he said. Burmy speaks the answer, PETA is a joke


  9. shelly-chelle

    *calls PETA*


  10. ...



  11. kojay

    Gud on them, animals are meant for clothng and food, nuff said. MEAT MEAT MEAT I LOVE MEAT!!


  12. kojay

    Butt damn kanye is one ugly dude


  13. JGM

    Shelly, using animals for our existence is not violence by law. It may be violence in your opinion, but your opinion only applies to you and no one else.

    Nothing wrong with wearing fur as long as the fur pelts came from America, Scandinavia, or Canada.


  14. me me me me me

    They look good! Somebody always has something negative to say….SHUT UP! And PETA and their hipocrit followers need to get a life.I am going to get my protein. Anyhow, Kanye is the man. I hope he keeps doing his thing.I agree with “THE ANSWER”, Shelly you have no efficacy to make your statment towards Burmy irrefutable. So…SHUT IT!


  15. lilfid

    They looks great !!!
    Dawn I love Kanye !!!
    Always so fly !!!


  16. Jareece

    That’s a real fly couple



  17. key

    joyams: dont shut me up, u dont know me a lil respect man i can do worse,go back to get some education,this is my opinion


  18. dr

    they both look fly period. fuk peta. fuk ya no life ass haterz.


  19. Rap*

    looks hoTTTTTT


  20. MyNailsStayDoneBitch

    I wonder why PETA never throws paint on black celebrities like Kelis, Kanye & Amber? My guess is they’re scared of getting them chins checked lol.


  21. lil homme

    you guys need to get educated


    she a ho and dumb


  22. Ronald J Timcoe

    What a dumb ass piece of shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Somebady should skin him alive and see how he likes it.


  23. Albert

    Poo Poo


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