New Music: Trey Songz – ‘I Wanna Rock’ (Freestyle)

Trey Songz

Is “I Wanna Rock” this year’s “A Milli”? Trey Songz is the latest artist to flip Snoop Dogg’s hit. The R&B crooner continues to bask in his own glory with lines like, “The number one position I got right now.”

Trey will appear at the Grammys on January 31 where he is nominated for Best Contemporary R&B Album.

Download: Trey Songz – “I Wanna Rock”

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  1. David

    Trey you are not numero uno R.Kelly will forever will be, wait to Zodiac drops this year.


  2. Royal

    shutup david


    jamie Reply:

    @Royal,you r right .david is a dumb ass


  3. j

    daviD IS DUMB


  4. shelly-chelle

    trey makes any song hot!


  5. MushyLove_1992

    Forget the songs, Trey makes me hot!


  6. Derek

    David stop riding on old kellz dick! Trey is a top 10 rapper in todays game and he ain’t even a rapper. Not to mention he probably the best R&B artist out rite now surpassing even Chris Breezy. . ya’ll need to step your game up cuz Mr. Songz ain’t messing around!


  7. dairo zebeda

    with one off yall going home with trigger

    that part is the shit


  8. NoHater



    songzy Reply:

    @NoHater, ironic how nohater is being a hater


  9. shaadrecc

    ay this dude got same drake level talent and killer flow. 2010 just got stamped.


  10. kit kat kelsie

    david is a dumd ass yous dont know good music!! R kelly is a pedophile like for real! he likes little kids……trey songz is going to be the best Like Merr!! =)


  11. mechelle

    shut da fuck up David i love you trey ND ain’t nobody gone put us down


  12. mechelle

    lol @songzy he sure iz


  13. mechelle

    @David is a bitch ass hater!!!


  14. avt

    nice pic


  15. PrinXe55_5wa99

    Trey Songz is so SEXY


  16. chaud

    trey songz is BI ! :|


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