Drake, Trey Songz, & Rick Ross Celebrate DJ Clue’s Birthday

Trey Songz, Johnta Austin, and Drake

DJ Clue stormed M2 Ultra Lounge in New York City on Thursday night (Jan. 21) to celebrate his 35th birthday with friends including Drake, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Diddy, Juelz Santana, Fabolous, Akon, and every other artist who wants to ensure their record gets played.

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  1. EveryYearIsCiaras

    Why did the radio say trey songz was bisexual?
    does any1 know?


    Giselle Reply:

    @EveryYearIsCiaras, I keep hearing that as well. He denies it though.


  2. queen beyonce

    drizzy & trigger looking foyne!!!



    DJ Clue is one of the biggest closeted (but not so closeted) homosexuals in the industry.


  4. danjar

    Drake looks ugly in the pic up top wit trey…he’s so unattractive


  5. Ria

    Rick Ross done killed some Naa’vi for his jacket. YOU ARE NOT ONE OF UUUUUSS!!! Somebody call JAKE SOO-LLY asap!


  6. bodacious

    trez i saw your twin last month,,, you remember someone telling you that they had a nephew who looks like you, are you look like him hes older than you are and has a son who looks like you too,,, i mean fine aint even the word for them in person and they even have dimples. and the women just loves the hell out of both of them son and dad and the dad don’t deal with nothing but fine azz red bones for real. and guess what he has a little daughter who looks exactly like beyonce did when she was a little girl,, i am r for real,, all of you fellows look just “GREAT:


  7. bodacious

    drake i love them bedroom eyes of your, you do know that your eyes are the highway to your soul and your eyes talks they are beautiful!!!!


  8. bodacious

    diddy and ross one of my sisters wants to marry both of you fellows and she has got it going on ,,,big azz mansion, fine cars, clothes, sharp as hell and built like a brick house!!!! oh and do not forget her bad butt bling, you see there are some of us common folks who are living the good life too and we are not in the industry!!!


  9. bodacious

    what you say fablous whats happening????


  10. bodacious

    hey julez are you behaving yourself about four or five months ago you was kind of acting up???? i think you are chillin now tho!!!!


  11. bodacious

    akon i just plain and simple love you!!!!!!


  12. bodacious

    and hello to dj, jim/j,,,paul,,,and johnta,,,whats happening, its nice to see all of you chilling!!!!!


  13. Taylor

    Trey is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.Sexi


    Catie Reply:



  14. Nick Notic

    Kanye West is da dopest rapper bt he is about to turn into Kanye East because of his ugly chick.


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