Kanye West, Amber Rose, & Chris Brown Are Fashionable Friends

Amber, Kriss Van Assche, Kanye, and Chris

Fashion enthusiasts Amber Rose, Kanye West, and Chris Brown soaked up the latest designs of Kriss Van Assche as he showed off his autumn/winter 2010/2011 collection on Friday (Jan. 22). The trio posed backstage with the Belgian designer during his presentation at Paris Menswear Fashion Week.

The day before, Brown rocked a Michael Jackson chain while attending American designer Adam Kimmel’s runway show.

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  1. jenn

    the two most popular guys on the planet right now.


    Cyimo Reply:

    @jenn, LMFA YA RIGHT


  2. Bibi

    I like this, Im happy to see CB and Ye’ together.


  3. Kayla

    I agree with Bibi Im glad to see them together again. Chris and Kanye looks great but Amber Rose…no… Im always rooting with her with her fashion but not on this one. All have on nice shades though.


  4. queen beyonce

    amber is trying too hard, kanye looks uncomfortable with chris breezy lmfao breezys MJ chain is BAD!! luvit!


  5. Bark + Bite

    SMH @ Kanye. Why you hanging out with Chris after what he did to your “sister”?


  6. Giselle

    ^ that’s just for the photo. Kanye don’t talk to Chris like that. I’m sure Chris went up to him lol


  7. Teambreezy

    Chris Looks Great – Love the MJ Necklace – Go Breezy!!!!!!!!!


  8. lisa

    i live the MJ chain


  9. tm

    I don’t think Ye hates CB. He gave him props on his blog for CB’s I Can Transform Ya video and on his Storytellers show he said to the audience CB “deserves a break”. Ye probably knows more secret details of their relationship then the common public.


  10. megan

    kanye’s body language says it all. he looks really uncomfortable. i don’t think they are really cool with each other, but i think kanye sympathizes with the backlash chris got from the public. although what chris did was a lot worse and i think kanye handled the aftermath better.


  11. amy

    obviously..they arent best of friends!but if they see each other.their going to say hi.and be respectful..

    thats all that matters..

    LOVE chris’ outfit here!lawdddddddddd..lol.he looks so cute.

    and Kanye looks good too.lol.

    amber- tryin little hard now..


  12. VOILA!!!

    Love Chris! Love Kanye! I hope they make a song together hahaha!

    Umm…I think Kanye and Chris are cool. There’s only 2 pics of the two here but there are other candid pictures not posted here where they actually were embracing one another and others where they were laughing and smiling.

    I doubt Kanye is uncomfortable…y’all reaching lol! Kanye is always mean mugging in photos; it’s rare you see him smiling in photos. I did see Kanye’s blog where he said ‘I Can Transform Ya’ was “perfect” or “amazing” or something nice like that. He said at his VH1 concert that Chris deserves a break and a second chance because we all make mistakes. They’ve worked together in the past on Chris’ last album, Chris is good friends with Amber Rose too. I’m sure there is no animosity between Chris and Kanye although many people want to believe that that is the case.

    And I agree with tm … ‘Ye most likely knows more details about chrihanna than the average person does.

    Love Chris’ outfit here!!


  13. MushyLove_1992

    Love me some Ye’ and Breezy(of course).

    I hope Ye’ comes out with some new material. He never disappoints me music wise..


  14. shemoo

    you dumb a…. this is a new year people let the past go you and i know that CB look good and dont hate he sounds good ass a mother.


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