The Story Behind Lady Gaga and Trina’s Collaboration

Lady Gaga and Trina

How did pop’s reigning princess and rap’s baddest bitch join forces for their unexpected collaboration “Let Them Hoes Fight”? The origin of the song, which leaked onto the Internet earlier this month, was still unclear, so went to the track’s producer Jim Jonsin, who explained how he brought Lady Gaga and Trina together.

The hitmaker shared how he first met the artist that would later become known throughout the world as Lady Gaga. “I was in the studio with a writer working on tracks and ideas for random artists and this girl came over,” he revealed. “She looked bugged out like she was out late the night before. It turned out it was Lady Gaga, and this was probably three months before ‘Just Dance’ came out and blew up.”

Gaga happened to be writing for another pop superstar when the song came to fruition. “I gave her some music and she went to work in a back room. I think she was writing an idea for Britney [Spears] and it was sick, so I grabbed her and brought her back in the room.”

“We started writing a song called ‘Freezer Burn’ and that song turned out really good, so we did another song called ‘Kaboom.’ We were playing the songs back, trying to figure out who to give them to. So I said, ‘As far as the labels are concerned, just let them hoes fight over who gets the song.’ Everyone was like, ‘Jim, that’s a great song title!’ And in like 20 minutes, we had that song with Lady Gaga.”

Miami’s Diamond Princess came into the picture later. “Trina heard it, loved it, and recorded it. It’ll be a single on her album [Amazin’]. I don’t know if Lady Gaga is going to be featured on it or doing background vocals, but they are working it out now.”

As for Gaga, Jonsin hopes their paths will cross again. “She’s great and so talented. I really want to work with her more in the future.”

–Reporting by Arianna Davis

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    i dont like the song much.


  2. Andre Le Dale

    It’s very popish, which will blend in with every other song on the radio. I heard this song over the summer of last year and loved it. Janet Gaga Kanye Lupe Kelly and Trina that’s who I’m looking for in 2010. Trina has a hit on her hands.


  3. shelly-chelle

    I like the song, but it wouldn’t get far if it was released as a single.


  4. MovieJunkie88

    honestly I really love the song and I think it would do well as a single… a great crossover single. but Trina should release it as her 2nd single so it won’t seem as much like she’s just jumping on the ‘Awesome Wagon’ that is Lady GaGa.

    but either way im so ready for Trina’s new album.


  5. bass_man

    the song’s okay.


  6. McG

    I wonder how the other artists (such as Beyonce and Amerie) that have collaborated with Jim Jonsin feel about being referred to as “hoes”?


    Rap-Up Reply:

    You should reread the article. He didn’t refer to the artists as “hoes.” He was talking about the labels.


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