Sundance 2010: Kelis’ Fur Frenzy + John Legend & Girlfriend Get Cozy


Kelis’ fur fixation continues. No threatening letters from PETA could stop the “Acapella” singer from draping herself in a fur hat and coat at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, on Saturday (Jan. 23). She picked up some goodies at the Kari Feinstein Style Lounge before catching John Legend’s jam session with The Roots later that evening.

Legend, who dined with billionaire Bill Gates the night before, was seen visiting Sundance’s Village at the Yard with girlfriend Christine Teigen. He composed “Shine,” the end title song for the documentary Waiting for Superman, which was screened at the festival.

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  1. wow!!!

    Kelis use to look so much better than she does now! She has a nice skin complexion but she is far from her Bossy days…it’s damn sad!


  2. P.E.T.A=People Eating Tasty Animals

    lol! Kelis, loves pissing off peta. ahahha
    Seriously, I’m suprised peta wasn’t the first rescue group to arrived in Haiti. But instead of deliviring first aid to the peoples, they would give it to the animals there! Lol


    Edward Reply:

    @P.E.T.A=People Eating Tasty Animals,
    I donated money to the animals there. They need help just as much as the people there. You need to go to YouTube and watch Earthlings. Please.


  3. Wayne

    almost made me throw up


  4. Damn

    Is this why she needs 50K from Nas?
    GTFOH and take care of your son bitch


  5. Paul

    John Legend and Christine Teigen are such a nice looking couple! Kelis is a tragedy!


  6. ron.e

    hot hot hot mess.


  7. Interscope Records

    Kelis is that chick! So fashion forward and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Thats a true trendsetter!


  8. peace & love

    ^^^What is fashion forward about this? She looks a mess..nothing fashion forward about fur!


  9. shelly-chelle

    Kelis is killing me silently with that hair…


  10. meiple

    yea PETA needs to get on her bout dat hair. look like she killed a couples squirrels to get it….


  11. dr

    i love kelis 4 being a rebel.
    but she used 2 be more on point with her dressing
    now its like she dont try anymore…idk i love her tho.


    fleshTONE Reply:

    @dr, becuz she doesnt have anything to prove. Kelis been there, done it…all.


  12. ...

    john legend is so damn cute. love him.
    kelis needs to be committed to a mental institution for this fashion sense she’s showing lately.
    bitch done lost her mind.


  13. Bryan

    Kelis. What the hell is up with the gray hair. It makes her look so ugly. I am a little pissed of her wearing fur. Animals were killed for that.


  14. derron

    i think i just threw up a little in my mouth looking at kelis…


  15. LadySheamus

    If you’re going to wear fur, at least let it be cute. I hate to “hate” but I have to say that.


  16. Rob

    that looks disgusting!


  17. romie_rome



  18. Frank

    Disgusting, compassionless piece of trash! I hope karma catches up to her soon.


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