Video: Dancing Inmates Return for Michael Jackson Encore

Filipino Inmates

After millions including Michael Jackson himself viewed their 2007 “Thriller” viral video, the King of Pop’s choreographer Travis Payne flew to the Philippines this month to teach the inmates the choreography for “They Don’t Really Care About Us” featured in Jackson’s This Is It film. Watch their encore performance from the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center.

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  1. king (dallas,tx)



  2. queen beyonce

    that was kewl MJ I LUV U


  3. NYC

    ummm WOW inmates seriously?


  4. key

    wow, this is MJ Stuff, i almost cry miss him, life can be a bitch, congratulation guyz


  5. Cameo

    So amazing!!!


  6. king

    RIP Michael Jackson (K.O.P.) love n miss u so much.


  7. elitist

    incredible. MJ’s choreography was always so on point, every beat, every sound effect taken into account. one of a kind.


  8. kapiamba

    rip MJ.


  9. kapiamba

    we are missing you.


  10. Catie

    Wow, that seriously was insane.


  11. Pinoy

    Ang galing talaga ng mga Pinoy.. sana nung 2007 nga lang bumisita si mike dito sa pilipinas T_T



    im very proud! imma filipino. they should have parole for this.


  13. monica

    wow that was amazing


  14. Autumn Garrard

    I wish that you could come back to live so I can show you my dance moves. I can do your moves


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