50 Cent Sets His Sights on Susan Boyle

50 Cent and Craig Ferguson

50 Cent made his first appearance on Tuesday’s “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,” taking a few shots at his rival Fat Joe (“When’s the last time Fat Joe been on your show?”) and starting beef with British singer Susan Boyle.

“She’s a Scottish woman and you will lose, my friend!” joked Ferguson. “I’m just tryin’ to help ya.”

He also performed his latest single off Before I Self Destruct, “Do You Think About Me.”

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  1. D

    rofllll 50 is funny


  2. Catie

    I’m surprised that he’s still promoting the album considering how bad it flopped. I don’t mind the new single though.


  3. D

    @Catie , flopped ? lol, since when a potential platinum album is a flop. me too I enjoy the “do you think about me” record.


    mad Reply:

    @D, im a 50 cent fan and bought the album but that aint going platinum lol..BISD his second best album!


  4. asdfasd

    well, it will sell 400k (its at like 360k), so it’s a flop by his standards, but not by any other standard.


  5. P

    @ asdfasd , BISD has already sold 500k ..the album officially went gold last week


  6. omg

    I love him so much!!


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