Video: Amerie Live from the Sunset Strip!


The amazing Amerie rocked West Hollywood’s Key Club on Sunset Blvd. on Tuesday night (Jan. 26). Rap-Up TV was front row to capture some great footage of her performing “Heard ’Em All,” “Swag Back,” and “1 Thing.”

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  1. Phoenix Wright

    SWAG BACK!!! O_O

    I love Rap-up .com because they are one of the few sites that post up things about Amerie. thx Rap- Up


    Rap-Up Reply:

    @Phoenix Wright, No prob. Enjoy!


  2. momobabez

    I loved all of them, and “SwagBack” is one of my favorites. She killed that “1 Thing” performance.

    Thank you Rap-Up!


  3. i.d

    Love her so much
    she did great
    not just a pretty face


  4. d

    she works hard. it’s just she doesn’t snyc with the beat when she sings or dance for me so it doesn’t hit you like say a bey or ci would when they perform. but she did well


    momobabez Reply:

    @d, Did you just say Ciara sings on beat?…She hardly sings at all.


  5. fi

    Ya’ll don’t have a clue how much i adore Amerie!
    I buy every CD and love every new release…She is underexposed, underrated and misunderstood!
    Ahead of her time and a hard hard worker!

    Thank you so much for posting!
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you


  6. Charmaine

    Amerie did it again! Great performance! She’s amazing live. ^_^


  7. just in time

    Amerie will have her day, we have to keep supporting. She is great performer, singer, and all around great person. she deserves to win!


  8. yo!rill

    Yes! i love Amerie and the crowd was showing her some real love…can’t wait till she comes to my side of town


  9. YES!



  10. queen beyonce

    did she perform more than love? would luv to see that


  11. cassierules12345

    Thank you rap-up!! amerie is so underrated i always come here to check on my favorite artist and you guys never dissapoint ! thank you!


  12. heartbreak

    Thank U Rap-Up for showin Amerie love! I love Amerie and she is always over looked! Keep up the good work!


  13. AJ

    Work it out A! she did great! loved it, “In love & war” is hot too! I hope she has much more success this year!

    She need to work on “Swagback” performance so she can get more comfortable with it live though! but seems like it was a hot show overall


    javonscott Reply:

    @AJ, i was saying the same thing. it was kinda shacky lol


  14. just in time

    My friends went to the show and said she killed it! its one of those you had to be there. They said it was high energy for about an hour and the slow songs came near the end. She interacted with the crowd and showed love to her fans. who else can dance, sing, play guitar, for and hour……Not many but Ameie is a Gem I really appreciate ppl like her. I love Rihanna,Bey,GAGA and AMERIE!!
    Im about to go to itunes for that SWAG BACK!!
    need to get my head clear!


  15. Tracy

    That was very good and I didn’t know she could play the guitar. I knew she played the trumpet or flute she needs to incorporate more of that into her shows that will set her apart from the other r&b chicks.


  16. David Thespokenword Washington

    Amerie punched, love this woman; so CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED & MULTI-TALENTED beyond words.


  17. Mark

    her rock set was much better in my opinion. I think that’s the direction she should seek. She was awesome!


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