Video: Rihanna Wants an Apple iPad

Rihanna has won the hearts of tech geeks everywhere. The sexy siren told DJ Skee that she wants Apple’s hot new gadget, the iPad, even though she doesn’t know what it does.

“I’m sure I’ll get it ’cause everything Apple makes you have to get or you’re lame,” she laughed. “I don’t even know what it is, but I like it.”

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  1. prezzywalsh

    lol…she does got a point. anything apple comes out with u want


  2. bijan

    guess i’m lame cuz i don’t have any apple products :(


    vox populi Reply:

    Although, you need the ipod touch in your life.


    Chena Reply:

    @bijan, I love apple I’m writing this post from my iPod touch right now lolza you have to get something


  3. Joyams

    Is there any information more needless that this one?? Im wondering…
    BTW i like rihanna that’s not the point.


  4. Damon

    I think this is hilarious. i love to hear celebs talking about things other than their music. you get to see their personality. some people can’t think outside the box, like the commenter above.

    great post rap-up!



    u she right u hear about this stuff an know nothing about it or wat it but everyone seems to have one so u get cute though


  6. Catie

    There’s no way i’m buying that! All it is is a giant iPod touch!


  7. shelly-chelle

    I want one too!!!


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