New Music: Toni Braxton – ‘Make My Heart’ + ‘Hands Tied’

Make My Heart

Toni Braxton sends hearts racing on “Make My Heart,” a fast-paced burner, and slows it down with the piano ballad “Hands Tied.” Both songs are from her Atlantic Records debut Pulse, now due May 4.

Download: Toni Braxton – “Make My Heart”

Hands Tied

Download: Toni Braxton – “Hands Tied”

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  1. fi

    Thank god Toni is back!
    Whatever is on that album i will buy it just like all the other Toni masterpieces…
    Vocally she is in her own league!
    She is so underexposed.Todays children need real singing artists to look up to!

    Love you Toni!


  2. nardo2010

    toni braxton is back..i love hands tired and make my heart they both hits


  3. ouchhh!

    this is why i love toni braxton!


  4. K4kenzo

    yet to have a listen . plus these tracks , it rounds up about 14 songs that have leaked so far that are pretty new :(


  5. shelly-chelle

    love toni, but these pics are so mariah.


    Ankka Reply:

    @shelly-chelle, the difference is that Toni is (like Mariah) 40 years old yet she knows how to do sexy & classy at the same time, Mariah doesn’t really know how to do that…


  6. sonny

    love the songs & love the covers
    hope i dont sound rude but Mariah’s cover for obsessed is virtually a copy of Toni’s Libra cover


  7. K4kenzo

    yeah i agree @sonny


  8. Giselle

    These are some solid good songs. I like her new direction.


  9. Dillon_68

    Both of these are better than Yesterday, imo.


  10. Catie

    May 4th?! Toni, your killing me!

    Anyways, i loved both of these tracks (more so “Hands Tied”). This will definitely be one of Toni’s greatest albums. I feel like Toni is actually getting the attention she deserves this time around. “Yesterday” is charting, her official website has finally been done over and she’s being featured on a lot of shows.


  11. Liscious

    I Love me some toni! Good Songs just at the right time when valentine fever is about to start.


  12. Ankka

    AMAZING!!! i LOVE both songs!!! + the covers of the singles are so beautiful too!! now all we need are 2 good music videos!! Toni is THE BEST!!


  13. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    there both nyce songss.. good job toni


  14. LadySheamus

    Great album covers. I actually like ‘Yesterday’ the best so far but it’s great Toni’s back!


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