Rihanna on Jay-Z vs. Kanye, Ke$ha, and Her Super Bowl Pick

Rihanna collaborated with Jay-Z and Kanye West on the trio’s Grammy-winning hit “Run This Town,” but which of her rapping friends does she think is the better MC?

“I think it goes hands down to Jay-Z. He’s like the king,” she told DJ Skee on his KIIS FM radio show. “It doesn’t get better than that, but Kanye is also one of my favorite rappers.”

She also discussed working with Bono and Jay on their Haiti charity single “Stranded,” her love for Ke$ha (“I think she’s the new It girl in the industry”), her favorite foods, and who she’ll be rooting for on Super Bowl Sunday.

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  2. Luel14

    artist of the decade,lmao. This has got to be a joke. She hasn’t even been out for a decade.


    Catie Reply:

    @Luel14, I don’t know why he kept saying that? She even corrected him.

    Britney is the artist of the decade, hands down.


    VaunTV Reply:

    @Luel14, You don’t have to be out for a decade to be artist of the decade…and i don’t think he was saying she is the artist of the decade i think he was merely saying she’s one of the major artist of this decade which she is


  3. Joyams

    More interesting than this Ipad crap.


  4. VaunTV

    Loves this vid…cute interview


  5. Queen of Rnb & Hip HOP = Rihanna

    I love her so much!! Jay-Z & RIhanna = Loves them.


  6. bass_man

    why you gotta be so fine, rihanna?

    “that I I I”


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  8. enjoy

    im french but i like rihanna she is my idol


  9. european fan

    Rihanna is loved very much in Europe. We europeans appreciate her simplicity, her young spirit, her big heart. We can see that this girl has much love for anyone. We are glad to see that the horrible hearbreak and all the hate against this girl doesn’t make her bitter. Rihana we love you so much, keep being cool and having great spirit. you give to us a great lesson of love. Peace, baby


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