Rap-Up TV: Trey Songz Reflects on Stevie Wonder Duet

Trey Songz and Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder caught Trey Songz by surprise when he started singing the lyrics to his raunchy hit “I Invented Sex” during last night’s BET Honors. Trey reveals what it was like to duet with his idol for what he calls the “highlight of [his] life.”

“[Stevie] jokes about how he invented sex,” Trey told Rap-Up TV. “It was a moment to remember.” Watch the interview below.

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  1. Tamires

    Que moreno lindoooooooo

  2. Mike

    He’s so dumb… Stevie influed people who influenced him… why didn’t he tell that Stevie influence him instead pfff

  3. TVA

    @Mike he’s just saying that Stevie is so deep in the game that he’s a legend to legends. You need not be so literal.

  4. KLOSR

    @mike finding ways to hate. trey killin it as usual while these other rnb dudes left out in the cold…go figure

  5. bass_man

    That’s huge for any singer out today!

    And honestly..I really don’t need the image of Stevie Wonder inventing sex.

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    [...] Trey Songz recalls his “unforgettable” duet with Stevie Wonder. The singers performed “I Invented Sex” during BET Honors- Rap-Up. [...]

  7. Cheum

    I thought it was a great performance by the both talented individuals. It is a blessing for any one in the industry to make a duet with the legend Stevie Wonder. Music is created for others to listen to and related to it…why not having it with someone who has been in the business for years. Trey did a wonderful job. Love his voice.

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