Video: Fantasia Gets Real on ‘Oprah’


Fantasia is on the rebound after making an appearance on Wednesday’s “Oprah Winfrey Show.” The “American Idol” winner channeled her struggles into an emotionally-charged performance of her new song “Even Angels.”

“I have to be in control of it all,” she told Oprah. “I’m glad that I went through it because now it has made me stronger and wiser, and I know that I can’t allow people to just take control of my destiny.”

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  1. Giselle

    Wonderful performance. I really like the song.


  2. dr

    very heartfelt


  3. tee

    great song and performance….on ur way 2 a com back. Ha watever happen 2 Ruben. lol


  4. Catie

    Now that is a performance! Fantasia seriously knows how to put on a live performance, so much emotion.


  5. dustin

    this song has serious crossover appeal. though i tend to get scared when any urban female artist releases a mid-tempo or ballad because it seems like the only chicks that can get a hit out of it are keyshia col or beyonce.

    i am hoping to god that j records shells out the money needed to make this single a hit.

    after all, singles aren’t free. even beyonce knows that



    yes she’s back n i was wondering where she but she was doing broadway n then she had surgery for tumors in her vocal cords…………o my gosh god bless her!!!


  7. key

    PLZ PLZ PLZ,can somebody tell me what happened to her ?


  8. mal

    good performance!

    she sounds so much like michelle williams lol


  9. d

    where’s the interview


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