Beyoncé on Grammy Acceptance Speech: ‘What Did I Just Do?’

Beyoncé surprised many when the private singer publicly acknowledged her husband Jay-Z during her acceptance speech at the Grammys. “I’d love to thank my family for all of their support, including my husband. I love you,” she said during Sunday’s show.

B explained the candid moment to “Access Hollywood.” “It was because I was so happy. I looked up and he was the first face I saw, and I was like, ‘What did I just do?’” she laughed.

And what did Jay tell his Grammy-winning wife? “He said you have six Grammys and you smell good.”

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    bey and jay bore me now. their relationship just dont seem real like they trying to keep it a secret nomatter what.


    drtash Reply:

    @YOUNG BLACK AND GIFTED, oh so she’s supposed to tell the media all her dirty secrets about how jay and her have sex etc.I mean why should she, it’s none of anyone’s business and it’s their marriage not the media’s to own. I’ll never get why ppl wanna know that level of detail in a celeb’s life, but to each his own…


  2. Kilyan

    She really annoys me…I don’t knoW whY…She juSt do . I’m over her !


  3. Its Me

    i think she annoys you bcuz your jealous…thats the only conclusion i can think of…you may not see it that way but unconsiously you are. And i think Jayz and beyonce are cute together why cant everyone just be happy for ppl being in love and happy, and if you dont get it who cares bcuz their relationships not about you


    Kilyan Reply:

    @Its Me, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..daaaaahlinG…Jealous of what ?SeriouslY !What conclusion are you taking..?From where ?Based on ?
    Stupid *ss !

    On my own leveL , as a very humble human being, i’m very happy of what I’ve achieved in my life.
    I don’t need to be under a spotlight to know i’ve succeed in everything I have ever dream of making.
    Got my own career…
    Making more than decent moneY..
    Have my own very happy relationship..

    I ain’t got nothing to envy to poeple..Trust Me.

    So …keep your psychology for yourSelf..PleaSe.

    P.s : I have never mentioned the faCt I respect they are in love ..or dismissed their happineSs.
    So…Read before you comment.


  4. ubetteagota F*k life.Rihannya

    that good for her.


  5. queen beyonce

    I LUV U


  6. shelly-chelle

    awww… gotta love the carters!


  7. Destined

    It’s a sad day when a wife takes back saying i love you to her husband on tv like she cursed him out. I mean what’s really good? Over them, next.


  8. Mr. Amerie

    WTF so she’s not allowed to thank her own husband? That doesn’t even make sense why are people actin like she did somethin wrong.. dumbass ppl that’s crazy as hell


  9. gza

    the reason people are surprised she thanked jay is because they keep their relationship very private and rarely acknowledge each other publicly, let alone at the Grammys. some of you are so dumb.


  10. Mr. Amerie

    She doesn’t owe anyone any explanation. He’s her freakin husband, it shouldn’t need to be kept a secret. If she were my boo she better acknowledge my ass in public. Whateva tho that’s on them not me.


  11. Catie

    She’s gorgeous!


  12. FatsMoney

    Fats Money
    Hip-Hop’s # 1
    Most Controversial
    LP Release In History
    No Later Than[3/1/10]


  13. LadySheamus

    I’m confused by this; even if one is private, because everyone knows they’re married, it would only seem natural that she mention him. NOT mentioning him seems weird.


  14. sexymel

    yeah i know they like to keep their relationship a secret but come on he must have contributred to her success they are married why cant she thank him in public and be ok with it why take it back, i mean she needs to let go abit.


  15. hairdiva

    dude..that is crazy..aint that much privacy in the world you cant tell your husband you love him. If he is all that show that love and shout it out in the streets dang on it!! my goodness, they are taking this hush thing to a whole other level


  16. chazz

    That is one weird couple! Its something about them two people.


  17. MizzRoc96

    look u all can hate them or u can like them. u can say ANYTHING u want about them but guess what? THEY ARE MARRIED, IN LOVE, AND HAPPY. and if they dont want to tqalkl about their relationship in public then fine. let them live their lives and u live urs. im not callin anybody out or callin anybody jealous or nothing. all im saying is LET THEM BE!


  18. NoItsNot

    Actually, I don’t think it’s jealousy. I like the fact they don’t speak of their relationship; however to always apologize whenever she mentions his name is taking it to another level. She did the same on a day time talk show. It’s really annoying.


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