Rap-Up TV: Young Money’s Shanell Kisses Lil Wayne and Tells

If you attended one of Lil Wayne’s many concerts in the past year or watched the video for “Prom Queen,” you probably saw him make out with Shanell.

Now the Young Money singer-songwriter shares what it was like to kiss one of the biggest rap stars on the planet and whether or not she’s dating him.

Shanell is featured on four songs on Rebirth. Find out which is her favorite.

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  1. VIDEO: Shanell Kisses Lil' Wayne And Tells | The Urban Daily

    [...] Spotted at Rap-Up. [...]

  2. test12345

    WTF @ her nails?!? ugly as hell


  3. VIDEO: Shanell Kisses Lil' Wayne And Tells | HipHopNC - K 97.5

    [...] Spotted at Rap-Up. [...]

  4. Matt Kemp

    She actually looks just like lil wayne. This is Good. But also …….. Bad


  5. jamesdhockett

    Agree- Runnin is actually my absolute favorite Lil wayne song. Amazingg. She put itdown!!!


  6. trillafood

    She’s really ugly. She look too much like Lil’ Wayne.


  7. Mr. Amerie

    DANG what’s up with that nose/ earring?? Ugly as hell she looks just like Wayne lol they were made for each other


  8. XRIS

    ^^ does it make you feel better when you insult others?


  9. Catie

    She really does look like Lil Wayne which is actually pretty odd.


  10. Tony

    At least she is not as bad as Kelis with those chains on her face.


  11. Billy

    There is absolutely nothing attractive about Lil Wayne. Shannell, that’s not something I would tell others about.


  12. Lovely

    1st shanell is to damn ugly just like his other 3 babymama I like toya thats why im not including she’s hot, lil wayne u should feel ashamed you divorced toya out of all the females you been with shes better looking and beautiful.
    now moving on, I would like to snatch that damn nose ring that is connected to her ear that looks nasty on her, that is not attractive in no sort of way. She n wayne together makes me want to vomit. Wayne is sexy he needs a real woman in his life and im not that woman, I think i could straighten him out where he wouldnt need to screw other women. I love me some wayne. I can not stand the site of shanell she needs to back the hell up and lay off WAYNE. Wayne should now better if he has screwed shanell one thing everyone in this world should is dont mix pleasure with business its not good. she can not sing or dance for that matter.She’s a golddigger and a big joke i think. this is just my opinion about her. Lil wayne has found 3 baby mamas that are ugly especially nivea.EWWWWW I hate lauren london i cant stand her either if she wanted to abort the baby she should have been her own woman and go do it n be worried that lil wayne might go say something better yet she was scared probably cause she would have a bad reputation guess you have a bad reputation You lauren London should have known better, since u know lil wayne likes to screw around and obviously doesnt know the word condom even though he has a condom out called strapped and a song thats called “always strapped” And he says safe sex when he obviously doesnt do it himself.Back to lauren she should have made him strap up or she could have strapped up there are female condoms dumb ass and there is also something called birth control isnt that something why not try it or if you know u cant keep ur legs closed or say the word “NO” to guys get ur tubes tide.


  13. Skittles

    DAAAMN…ok, chick above me mite have a few anger issues…but i agree w/ most of wat she said.shanell IS ugly…&& i dnt get why all these ppl keep callin her sultry & beautiful..I been hearin alot about this chick so i looked her up &&….dude, wtf? && im glad sumbody addressed tat nose ring thng…at first i was like wtf is that?…she got sumthng hangn off her face!! but up til this site, nobody mentioned it. FYI, Toya is sexy, but so is nivea. && as much as i cant stand tha bitch..lauren london aint ugly. she’s just a ho lol.


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