Lady Gaga Says ‘Telephone’ Video Will Top ‘Bad Romance’

Beyoncé and Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has created some visual masterpieces in the past, but according to the pop superstar, her latest work will top them all.

The music video for “Telephone,” the second single from The Fame Monster, features Beyoncé and was shot in Los Angeles the week before the Grammys. The two singers previously collaborated on the song and video for Beyoncé’s “Video Phone (Extended Remix).”

Gaga recalled going in front of the lens with B for the second time. “It was really amazing,” she told Johnjay and Rich on Phoenix’s 104.7 KISS FM. “Beyoncé’s incredible and I had a lot of time with her, so I was able to put her in quite a bit of the video.”

The Jonas Åkerlund-directed clip reportedly picks up where “Paparazzi” left off, but surpasses its predecessors. “I feel so bad for the ‘Bad Romance’ video ’cause the ‘Telephone’ video’s so much better,” she said.

The Grammy-winning pals had a blast on set. “[Beyoncé's] really a great friend of mine. We have a lot of fun working together. We’re so very different in our approaches, but somehow when we come together it’s really magical. I’m very excited for everyone to see the video.”

The anticipation is building for the premiere, scheduled for this month. “What I like about it is it’s a real true pop event, and when I was younger, I was always excited when there was a big giant event happening in pop music and that’s what I wanted this to be.”

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  1. MusicFan

    just ready to c it cause i love this song


  2. Carl

    We’ll see.


  3. dr

    hmmm im excited
    hope its not like video phone
    but i trust gagas vision caz she knows how to create a masterpiece video.


  4. 100% Nikehead

    Oh trust me its not gonna be like video phone. Jonas Akerlund is an incredible director this is gonna be like a short film. Lets just say paparazzi to the 2nd power.


  5. Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    I can’t wait!



    omg bad romance was such an amazing video
    and shes saying this is going to top it?

    yessssssssssssss :D

    i love me some queen bee and gagaaaaa x


  7. Jordyn

    FINALLY real STARS with real innovation & creative videos coming with something special. . .i can’t wait for the video


  8. Chaknat Az-ddin

    i love beyonce your the best


  9. bijan

    I’m excited for the vid. But the song is still nothang special… and she IS a singer


  10. Joyams

    Maybe she is building this up too much, but i really think that it’s gonna be an awesome video!! The song is pretty good, and gaga is making the best videos these days.


  11. Nicky

    i hate lady gaga!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ugly bitch


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  13. The Truth

    I also hope its not a Video Phone part 2. That video was a HOT ASS MESS! Just like the single which is why it went nowhere. Now that its Gaga’s turn to take lead I’m almost positive she won’t dissapoint. Bad Romance meets Paparazzi part 2. This chick is a legend in the making. Its like she was always famous and we just happened to now discover her now. All the ladies are gonna have to step they kouches up because Gaga’s coming to snatch some wigs. Nobody is on this chick’s creative level right now.


  14. will

    Its funny how people think in there right mind that this would turn out to be a video phone part 2 smfh, r yall on crack??? #1: Lady Gagas creative mind is well beyond any female artist in the music industry. #2: Since when was Video Phone a good video to begin with that was an epicfail #3 Has Lady Gaga ever had a bad video? NO. Lady Gaga is a consistant artist. She puts her time, money and mind to the test everytime and she comes up on top. Its funny how Beyonce made 82 million in 09 and couldnt even make a half decent music video. Beyonces videos lack creativity most the time the director is the one with the concepts not Beyonce, thats why Video Phone didnt live up to its hype.


  15. BoyFalana

    Lady Gaga is a true artist….how many of your favs actually go hands on, from the beginning to the end with there videos….none. But my question is how can you top bad romance and where dose this leave the rest? Beyonce got in on this for a reason, so she can help create the dust….not eat it



    Ya’ll haters better start your engines. It’s over once the video drops. Completely fu_kin OVER!


  17. titus

    this is all about beyonce biting lady gaga stlye beyonce is notttt creative she steals everthing thats why im happy she has this new lawsuit with rico shes a fraud i hope beyonces ass goes to jail and dances for inmates lol!!!! she just got sued last year for copy infrigement whats next jay z owes 52 million right now


  18. titus

    some of u guys are on beyonces nutts like shes perfect she is just a singer she just rich but not for long her karma is here!!!!!


  19. oma

    beyonce is overexposed and very fake


  20. Interesting

    Why does beyonce’s skin tone look so dark in this video????


  21. Trey

    Why all the Bey hate!? She’s great! No offense to Gaga, but Beyonce’s been controlling the female game since ’03, and still is.


  22. Catie

    Hmm..i feel like Lady Gaga’s head is getting a little big. I can’t wait for the video though.


  23. GaGa Is The Messi

    @ trey sorry for you but the reign of beyoncé stops today. Since Gaga arrived it proved
    to everyone that all these singers have no
    talent! she changed the deal she made the move
    things with his own texts and his own ideas.
    Beyonce is a brand. Lady gaga is an artist!


  24. GaGa Is The Messi

    sorry for my bad english i’m french


  25. drtash

    LOL…Fans of other female artists are always hating on beyonce,Hilarious!!!!I can’t wait to see the video though, and how beyonce fits in to it all.


  26. carlos

    sorry only ciara videos the are best!!! they are the ones that will always entertain you! love u ciciu da bestt!!


  27. SoFetch18

    Cant wait to see!!!!!


  28. amy

    u know gaga brings it in her vids..she’s never had a bad vid..

    ‘video phone’ was bey’s maybe thats why it was a…but that was rushed too.

    this vid is gnna be HOT!!!

    and @carlos…go back to ur hole please..lmfao


  29. Riley

    Well Gaga, we’ll just have to judge that for ourselves. I think it’s funny how she think she’s this pop icon and that this is SOME HUGE POP EVENT. First of all, she’s not that great and second of all, she still looks like Rumplestiltskin. Why does she always come off as a pretentious dumb bimbo? I can’t wait until she starts to feel the spotlight fading. It’s gonna happen fast. It happened to Rihanna, but then again, Lady Gaga is no Rihanna. I don’t think Gaga has much personal strength, she’s just on a ride and thinks she will never get off.


  30. dayday

    I love how people are calling Beyonce a brand because she is. She is everything in one including an artist. The girl just released a new fragrance and within one week it went straight to #1. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Gaga but Beyonce put on some of the best LIVE performances in the business. I mean how many people can say they have their own style of dance, sing very good LIVE and bring creativity on the stage. That’s the mark of a true artist and a damn good marketable one at that ” a BRAND right “.

    So don’t hate haters you can keep your Brittany’s, Ciara’s, and Taylor Swift’s who cant even talk on key during their performances I will take the singers Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Alicia Keys who put their all into every peformance, the mark of true artistry.



  31. kalabs

    i agree with ‘dayday’ (look upup) especially with this one

    “singers Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Alicia Keys who put their all into every peformance, the mark of true artistry.”


  32. Dolly

    If this is true, then I cant wait.
    I’ve recently become a fan of hers, and I enjoy all of her videos. They’re all very fun, very creative, and always tell a story. I always get excited for her new videos…sort of like how I acted when a new Madonna video was on.
    I’ve never felt this excited for a pop star in a long time. I hope this video is as good as she says, but with a mind like hers, I wouldn’t doubt it :)


  33. elizabeth

    Riley, she didn’t say that it was a huge pop event, she said that she wants it to feel like one. Theres nothing wrong with wanting her fans to be excited for a collab. that they’ve all wanted. And first of all, gaga is far from being a dumb bimbo. If you heard her speak, you’ll know that right away. Sure, shes sarcastic at times, but when it comes to something serious, she’s very well spoken. And you’re right, lady gaga is no Rhianna, she’s better. She doesn’t need people to write her songs for her, or come up with ideas for videos or performances, because she does it herself. And as for personal strength, you must not know how passionate and dedicated she is about everything she does.

    Anyway, I certainly can’t wait for the video.


  34. elena

    I hope it’s better than video phone. But seeing as how Gagas calling the shots this time, I bet it will be.


  35. jennifer

    God, I love Gaga.
    Her videos are never boring, nor do they dissapoint.
    I remember watching previews for Bad Romance and thinking ‘eh, this doesn’t look amazing’
    then I saw the video and it proved me wrong.

    Can’t wait to see telephone!


  36. Damien

    “Lady Gaga has created some visual masterpieces in the past, but according to the pop superstar, her latest work will top them all.”

    if thats true, then i cannot effing wait.


  37. Prissy*

    I’m sure this is going to be a smash..As for for video phone i thought the video suited the song very mean look back and see all of Beyonce’s work she can do anything when it comes to music/performing!She’s great..I think Gaga is very out there and her music is something different from the rest together it’s an get ready!!Can’t wait..


  38. B LAKE

    What’s the EXACT date it will be on iTunes or on YouTube?


  39. M Carter

    all yall hatin on gaga. she is the most orignal most creative artist i have seen yet. she can sing live and if she falls on stage she gets back up and finishes her concert. everyone thinks that she is the dumb person that is just having her 15 minutes of fame, but she is the most artistic speaker i have heard. listen to one of her videos. she always speaks with proper english and answers the question with the highest intelligence. dont come for her just because she is’nt one of these people that have their songs written for them. she writes her own songs and invents her own videos. she doesnt need some writter to do it for her, like all these other artist.

    I have wanted to see GaGa’s video for Telephone since i have seen the trash named video phone that ppl call a video. that had no plot, no relation to the song. Gaga looked so uncomfortable in that video. she didnt get to put her own style into anything.


  40. LilMonsterB

    Lady Gaga and Beyonce are both beautiful, talented Artists and for all the talentless “haters” out there, you have and will never have anything on these two, so sit your asses down and wish you had thier talent. LADY GAGA FOREVER!!!


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  42. Lady Gaga Wants ‘Telephone’ Video ‘To Be Perfect’

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