Album Cover: Monica – ‘Still Standing’

Still Standing

Monica has weathered the storm and is Still Standing, as evident on the cover of her sixth studio album, due March 23. The R&B songstress, who released her debut album Miss Thang nearly 15 years ago, shot a video for the first single “Everything to Me” this week in Los Angeles.

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  1. R.I.P. MJ



  2. VaunTV



  3. David Thespokenword Washington

    It matters! Can’t wait to get the album when it comes out


  4. ...



  5. jwhit214

    Simply beautiful! Cant wait to get the album!


  6. Kyle

    Very simple but soooooooo undeniably beautiful. I can’t believe how good she looks and I cannot wait to hear the rest of the album. Hopefully her label reveals the tracklisting soon!


  7. GeeMan

    Glad to see Mo still standing, this cover is beautiful.


  8. tdkk

    Wow I’m in love with this album! The songs I’ve been hearing the cover and all. I really hope this album does excellent! Beautiful cover!


  9. Lisa

    Her best album cover yet, breathtakingly beautiful. She looks so angelic…I can see her halo! Lol


  10. Playboy

    After the storm, Monica is STILL STANDING as the angelic princess of R&B. LETS GO MO!!!!


  11. Catie

    Wow, i’m shocked but happy that she kept “Still Standing” as the album name! I can’t wait for the album though, it’s like surreal to see an album cover due to all the times it has been pushed back.


  12. A Dude

    There’s too much lights and flou in this picture !!!

    So damn annoying, we can’t even see her!


  13. ShaySHay

    she looks incredible & im a born again monica fan. getting this album


  14. MiSs Faty

    is this a new song 2010 to monica or what ??!
    i love it it’s a goood song ^^


  15. musiccritic

    OMG she is BEAUTIFUL……………simple and classy………CANT WAIT TO BUY THE ALUBM


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    [...] shooting her new video “Everything To Me”the first single from her March 23rd album Still Standing the video is directed by Benny boom and features  Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad [...]

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