Unrapped: R&B Singer-Songwriter Miguel


When Usher seeks a songwriter to pen tracks for his upcoming album, Raymond v. Raymond, the final product better be amazing. According to Los Angeles crooner Miguel, it is. While he’s cementing his name in the music industry as a solo artist, Miguel also finds time to craft hits for the star.

The 22-year-old singer has been writing songs for Usher’s sixth studio album with producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and the Avila Brothers, and was excited about a “dope concept” he wrote for the Grammy winner. “It’s been amazing seeing the album evolve,” Miguel tells Rap-Up.com. “It’s really valuable to see how something can flourish from beginning to end. Usher’s given me a lot of advice. I think the most resounding advice he’s given me is to stay true to myself.”

In an industry where male R&B singers are a dime a dozen, Miguel is blazing his own trail with a unique sound. The half-black, half-Mexican singer is making waves on the Internet with his track “Sure Thing,” which has over 7 million plays on his MySpace page. “MySpace has created a platform for my fans to know who I am,” he reveals. “Without it, I don’t know if my music would be able to reach such a broad audience.”

Miguel, whose sound is a mixture of smooth R&B, hip-hop, and rock, rounded out by distinctive production, got his start in music at eight years old after being inspired by his parents’ divorce. Today the R&B dream is readying his debut album, State of the Art, and collaborating with rap newcomers like Asher Roth. Miguel sang the hook on “His Dream,” a song featured on Roth’s debut, Asleep in the Bread Aisle. “A friend of his happened to produce some of the records on the album, and he was a mutual friend who thought it would be a really good look,” Miguel says. “I was honored to be a part of that, because it was a personal record for him.”

Working with such acclaimed artists as Usher and Asher Roth makes sense, considering Miguel is set on bringing a distinct approach to his brand, just as they have before him. “I’m all about individuality, so at the end of the day, I hope that people take that from my music.” Follow his lead.

–Arianna Davis

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  1. javonscott

    hopefully this album is good as “Daddy’s Home” cause that’s my shit lol


  2. NYC

    this is the dude who tried to be in fatty koo n they kicked him out cause of his bad attitude but he can def sing n dance


  3. mal



  4. aSunkee



  5. antwonn

    @NYC-He did try to be in Fatty Koo but HE left because of the OTHER GROUP MEMBERS’ bad attitude/lack of respect.

    Anyways this guy is gonna do it big. You. Will. Know.


  6. cali kid

    No he had the attitude not others…..and his song “put ya hands up” flopped….this dude is a flash in the pan!


  7. yay area

    I remember this guy he was on some chris brown singing and dancing stuff but dressed like Usher..ill pass Trey Songz is the bizzness


  8. joy

    if you dare say anything bad about this guy ur outta ur mind. he’s AMAZING. educate urself on him, he makes the future of music shine with hope


  9. Az Tone

    I saw him do a show….sorry Joy he isn’t the future….he was trash..and I hear he’s been signed for 3 yrs with nothing on the streets nice songwriter wack artist..I’m wit yay area Trey Songs is on fire if this dude is on some punk rock stuff and “sure thing” is a knock off of T Pain “chopped and screwed”Miguel 4 yrs late screwed music been played out!


    3rd-Leg Reply:

    @Az Tone, sityoo damn ass down. you speaking outya azzz…!


  10. Henny

    cant wait for his album. his songwriting ability is amazing..true unique talent for sure


  11. colorful$$$

    Miguel is sickening song writing ridiculous can sing his ass off, for sure an individual congrats can’t wait for him to blow!


  12. yung mark

    Usher over and Miguel is like yesterdays paper….old news! I had Sure Thing when I was in high school 3 yrs ago in SD I don’t think Miguel is the bizness but 3 yrs ago he was the man in my whip!!!


  13. miss meka

    Stick to songwriting saw your show at the roxy which seems like you perform at every wk….terrible….Mullato is the bizness…Miguel seems like a knock off of Lenny Kravitz….doing screwed music is 2005 r I p dj screw


  14. jeff

    Fake NeYo is what Miguel is he looks like Tyga in that pic above he did put ya hands up at my school yrs ago he was looking like Chris Breezy or trying to….this isn’t the future sorry….you see him on phatty koo….he’s a jerk!


  15. Blu

    San Pedro stand up….this dude wears make up…and lives with parents still tell Usher to give him a loan we can’t stand this clone on turf San Pedro we don’t clam this!!


  16. Kenji Summers

    Miguel is talented. As soon as he finds his niche he will be in the public’s consciousness. Can anyone really deny the quality of his music? His live and studio music is solid.


  17. Representative

    Miguel is a good writer…. (gay sounding songs) but Neyo is a better writer… Sean Garrett is good too (but arrogant as hell)… B. Cox is hot but too good for regular ole people… I say all that to say MIC LYRIC is the future of songwriting. He’s crazy with it… Remember I told you.


  18. carlos

    esta musica e da hora (getcha hands) muito louca , ele canta muito.


  19. Estevanica J.

    Aww haters. Where would successful people be without your negative input. Those of who probably CAN’T sing, sit down. Miguel has something different that makes him stand out. I like the All I want is you video, never seem him perform (yet) in person and think he’s attrative. But most importantly he can sing and has swag. Goodnight haters.


    Aries Marquis Reply:

    @Estevanica J., Get real..wha exactly does he have that’s different from what has been seen a million time?? Number 2, Miguel is not on the vocal level of Usher, Tank, or Jaheim. That ain’t hate, that’s a fact.


  20. Dee-Dee

    I Love Miguel Love The Album … he gets my vote


  21. Fanesents

    Miguel is the buisness, i think first before you judge him you should see what he’s all about. Yes his first time trying to make it in the music industry may have flopped but personally i think it was the label he was signed to that made him dress and act a certain way(probably didnt know what to do with REAL talent lol) and as far as that Fatty Koo situation…uhhh…whose writing songs for major artist like Musiq, Mary J.and Usher…on tour with Trey & Usher and Mary J. (must i go on?). Yeah he can reach success on his own. And yes he may have had some up’s and down’s before he actually got a chance to blow up, but what artist hasnt. O yea and let’s not forget he’s not the ONLY person who has had a song out before they made it big and re-released it on thier cd or made it a single and made it even hotter! I mean really can we give respect when its due? He can SING (sounds just like the cd), writes music well, got some swag and yes once again SING better then half of these so called “artist” out here. Miguel’s hot and i got the cd on repeat everyday, SO ready for the next album!


  22. [email protected]

    Good Luck Miguel, you’re the best~


  23. [email protected]

    Can I sing back up for you, I need a job


  24. DollCortez

    Haters are important, they help you prosper. Regardless of the issues he had with Fatty Koo, where are they now? Oh ok! While Miguel is writing for legendary artist and going on tour with them. Half of you haters are mostly untalented, broke, jealous, spiteful cyber bullies who have nothing better to do with their time then to write nasty comments. But he doesnt care, his video is being played countlessly on BET and MTV ;)


  25. Angel

    Miguel Your the hottest out stay focused and know your true fans love you oh yeah and F..K The Haters love you papi.


  26. jaritza nunez

    Get ur Paypa play BOY !! ur song is sexy i love it plan to make babies to it hahahahah and to all his HATERS except a new DADDYS HOME!!!!!


    karmelle28 Reply:

    This is my dude! I cant wait til tha next cd man


  27. Brittny

    Miguel is where the heart of R&B should be. He’s real, true and got a lot of passion and soul. That’s what the R&B music industry needs and has been missing to much of. Plus his voice is real and strong. So like him for his originality and determination. He’s cool and knows how to write HIS OWN songs. Especially for his age. Hes way further than I could get i look up to that.


  28. 3rd-Leg

    Where’d evry1 go, we’ve re-invented the dictionary


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