Video: Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper Go Glam

Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga

Girls just wanna have fun. Like Missy Elliott, Eve, and Mary J. Blige before them, Lady Gaga and ’80s icon Cyndi Lauper are the newest spokeswomen for M·A·C’s VIVA GLAM campaign. The glamorous ladies appeared on Wednesday’s “Today” show and “Good Morning America” to speak about raising money and awareness for HIV/AIDS. Gaga relived the Grammys, received some advice from her idol, and discussed the possibility of a duet.

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  1. javonscott

    cyndi lauper still looks good for her age


  2. Joyams

    I love gaga so much.


  3. Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    I love these two together! It’s like the past and present collide.


  4. GaGa Is The Messi

    Ra-ra-ah-ah-ah-ah !
    Roma-roma-mamaa !
    Ga-ga-ooh-la-la !
    Want your bad romance
    I LOVE U Lady Gaga I’m Your Biggest Fan From Africa…. We Love U in Africa U’r True Talent We Love Soo Much
    God Bless U and The Gays! That’s the true message of love! Love U


  5. chazz

    These 2 together is just wonderful! Go gals work it.


  6. TheEmpress

    I love Stefani with long hair.


  7. rockwitu



  8. fi

    At least Gaga pays respect to people that she steals from.
    i was watching some old school Cyndi performances last night and i remembered how much she has influenced her generation.
    I hate it when they call people like Jody Watley and Cyndi Lauper 80ies stars…bitch please they are recording for decades and Cyndi was was nominated for grammys two years ago!

    Cyndi was for the cool individualist people, Madonna for the commercial minded crowd!
    respect to gaga for hooking up with a true legend and one of the few originals that american pop ever created!


  9. ItsRihannaTrick

    Ive seen Cyndi Lauper numerous times in concert and have never been dissapointed each time I went! She is deffinitely the closes thing to her generation of the 80′s as Lady Gaga is to now. Couldn’t have chosen a better a pair!


  10. Catie

    They have so much chemistry together, they really do seem like they have known each other forever.


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