Toni Braxton Eyes Usher Collaboration, Explains Album Delay

Usher and Toni Braxton

Toni Braxton has dueted (and locked lips) with Trey Songz already, and now the sexy songstress has her sights set on another one of R&B’s leading men.

The star of the upcoming reality show “Braxton Family Values” is planning a collaboration with Usher for her Atlantic Records debut Pulse. “I think me and Usher are gonna do something together,” she exclusively tells “Usher’s great. He’s like my brother in the business. Love, love, love him! We’re both represented by AEG [Live CEO] Randy Phillips, so Randy’s gonna definitely make it happen.”

Now she’s just waiting for Usher to jump on the record. “I did my part. I called him the Friday before the Super Bowl and said, ‘You have to hear it, Usher.’ He said, ‘I can’t hear it over the phone. After the Super Bowl I’ll hear it.’ We just haven’t connected since Sunday.”

Braxton’s sixth studio album has been pushed back from its original February date because seven out of 10 tracks leaked prior to release. She is adding new material before the rescheduled May 4 date. “It’s top secret now. They won’t even send any of the songs over the Internet. Everything has to be FedExed.”

Pulse boasts production from Lucas Secon (Britney Spears), Harvey Mason Jr. & Oak (Chris Brown), and Troy Taylor (Whitney Houston), as well as collaborations with Robin Thicke and Trey Songz (“Yesterday”).


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  1. lindasha

    toni is trying 2 go or hang out with all these singers really younger then her she should kiss and date people close to her age!!!


  2. Jay

    HATER (above comment) glad to see Toni back she looks amazing.


  3. key

    yeah, oh btw she’s married and hv 2kids with, so business is business, they can fuck things can happend we dont care, we want music, go toni break us hearts one more time


  4. key

    yeah we want music, oh btw she’s married and gotta 2kids with, so this is business, even things can happend they adult, go on toni break us heart one more time we cant wait for the album,a true diva


  5. Dave

    I hope everything goes well for her.


  6. Fritzma

    Toni Braxton And Usher..My Two Favorite Singers..I Love Toni Braxton to death and Usher is my favorite RnB Singer..Can’t Wait..Love Toni..Make My Heart Dum dum dum..


  7. NeverHeardofit

    this is going to be hot ….I can’t wait until Toni makes a come back….


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  9. Les-"G"

    As a producer I agree this will be a Hot collaboration between the two of them.Toni and Usher both do there thang and do it well!!!
    For the first comment up top one should know what there talking bout before opening ones mouth in the industry a lot of stuff you see is to get press which in return makes money.Would you rather it was you kissing Trey is that what it is.lmao ya’ll have a good day I’m outta here.


  10. baron

    I’m rooting for Toni… She’s really working on her comeback. The duet with Usher…don’t care too much for. But I love what leaked before…

    You Go Girl


  11. drtash

    WHO WOULD SAY NO TO TONI BRAXTON???I mean c’mon the woman is what I like to call “sex on legs”….OH sorry my bad…I mean who wouldn’t want A DUET with Toni…(my mind was going places lol) But I bet a duet with usher would be amazing.


  12. Stephen

    Welcome Back Queen B..


  13. jrah22

    @lindasha Toni has known usher for like over 15 years. Maybe you should worry about your own self before you go around telling other people who to hang out with.


  14. Uchman4real

    wow, can’t wait to see the duet. Ursher is smoking hot and talented. so is my vocal diva toni.


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