Nas Goes on the Record About Kelis

Nas and Kelis

Despite a public divorce last summer, Nas and Kelis have managed to keep the details of their separation private. Now the rapper is taking his ex-wife to task on a new song.

Nas addresses Kelis in a newly-added verse from “Strong Will Continue,” his collaboration with Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley from their joint album Distant Relatives. The former couple has a 6-month-old son named Knight together.

On the track, he makes reference to a 1993 incident where martial arts film star Bruce Lee’s son Brandon was killed on set of The Crow. “Twisted and mangled, sort of like Bruce Lee life/ Cursed with his son Brandon/ If that’s you and me Knight/ I pray our fate’s greater.”

The 36-year-old MC is less than pleased with his reported court-ordered spousal and child support payments of $52,000 per month. “How in the hell am I supposed to stay comfy/ When I pay child support, alimony monthly,” he raps.

And as for rumors that he cheated on his wife, Nas has something to say on that topic as well. “So I’ve stuck with some married women so fine, cheating while their husband rushing on the 40-yard line/ Wonder if this is what my ex did the whole time.”

Download: Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley – “Strong Will Continue”

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  1. ouchhh!

    DAMN….he sounds up—set.


  2. Giselle

    Nas is the best. It’s a shame he has to pay all that damn money to Kelis. The only thing he should pay is child support. She needs to make her own fucking money.


  3. HMM

    He shouldn’t be paying her wack a** nothing.


  4. D.A.N

    wow and she will fireback as usually, she is a strong woman, sad its become like that, DEJA VU SITUATION, FROM LOVE TO WAR


  5. J

    To be honest, I think it’s a little tacky for him to do this. She has already said that she’s not going to bash him on her album or publicly, so for him to do this seems to be based purely on shock value.

    I expected better from you, Nas.


  6. jinx

    kelis played him thats fuck’d up


  7. Mary

    he nver bashed her…but she bashed him on twitter repeatedly1


  8. fi

    Thanks J !
    You cheat, You pay!
    Shut up and sit down…or as Fergie sings:
    Big boys don’t cry!


  9. BlackNLatin

    I kinda feel sad about Nas :[, good guys are so damn hard to come by!


  10. galang

    Nas played himself. Don’t cheat on your pregnant wife! F*ck feeling bad for him because he’s not innocecnt. Why you going to cheat on your wife with some radio disc jockey in VA? C’mon son! You lame and the judge did good making him pay 52k a month. Kelis and Knight deserve every damn penny.

    I highly doubt Kelis will diss him because shes doing her. Promoting her single, doing cshows and getting ready to release her album.



  11. trillafood

    kelis never once mention his name in any of those tweets. She was speaking in general. wat nas did tacky and unprofessional. I hope kelis continue to milk him.

    i agree with you 100%.


  12. BlackNLatin

    He cheated on his wife!?!?!? O_O i didn’t know that.


  13. Mary

    @Trillafood…Nas never mentioned her name in this song! you bitter bitches spent months talking about nas’ marraige to kelis and now all of sudden he can’t say shit! You bitches don’t know if he cheated or not and if he did good Kelis is a rat bitch anyway!


  14. Team Nasir

    @J, fi and galang…do you bitches just listen to what you hear on the blogs/radio or do you know the facts? who the fuck is the Disc Jock from VA, were you losers there when he cheated or are you 3 bitter bitches like kelis who are broke begging for a hand out. Kelis is doing her thing alright about to FLOP again!


  15. trillafood

    Nas very much cheated on Kelis with a chick who works at a radio station in VA. Its true!! While Kelis and Nas were in NYC last April. Kelis seen a txt message and some pics that a woman sent to Nas. The jumpoff popped off on Kelis over the phone.

    @Team Nasir
    You are so contradicting yourself and its funny. Team Nasir? Really? The loser team?? LOL!
    Yet you believing what these blogs are saying about Kelis, but won’t believe anything about Nas. You are just as pathetic as him. I hope you and Nas burn in hell together.

    Overall, Kelis got the last laugh because shes back on her grind and not worrying about Nas at all! N*gga knew he was married, yet he wanna be like a hoe a fu*k with some random azz chick. Now he has to pay the consequences. So “TEAM NASIR” can be mad, commit suicide, I don’t care! Whatever the hell dey want, but KELIS WINS! NAS IS THE UPSET, BITTER N*GGA.


  16. trillafood


    You can be mad at Kelis all you want sweetie,but Nas will never f*ck you. Get over it!
    Oh and Kelis is far from a hoodrat. I bet you ugly azz hell and disgusting, yet you want to call Kelis a hoodrat. LOL


  17. bwitz

    I love how people think they know what happend in a situation they know nothing about. “Oh ya, Nas definitely cheated! I seent it!” Shut the fuck up.


  18. Trilla burn in bird!!!

    @Trillafood…Nas ain’t bitter he is actually fine ass hell and you pyscho ass can’t do anything to prevent that! While Kelis is walking around looking like a 2 dollar whore! Trillafood you and Kelis will both be bitter because alimony don’t last always and Kelis will surely flop! So as her pyscho fan why don’t you ask Kelis how it’s going to feel when the alimony stops and she can’t pay her bills or buy dog fur and when her FLESHTONE album FLOPS!!!!!!!!! I hope you are there to support her…Trilla…LOL! Bitch…Kelis and you both are trash!


  19. What is the problem?

    @bwitz…co-sign! These lonely women up her have nothing better to do but to speculate about what they heard and read on the internet about Nas! I bet they would jump at the chance to be on his arms! These thirsty women are in such need of drama that they are living vicariously through Nas and Kelis’ marriage/divorce! He doesn’t diss Kelis at all. Y’all so thirsty for drama you create it! Dumb Ass…Thirsty Bitches! Blog write ups are meant to cause controversy and this lonel losers fall for it all the time! Keep doing you thing Nas keep the haters mad!


  20. joe

    forget Nas he should of stuck with marriage, thinks he’s the godson why don’t he follow principle. he talks, talks, talks.etcc… shhhhh already


  21. trillafood

    hahha! Nasir TEAM are so bitter and pathetic!
    Kelis is far from bitter and so are her fans. Shes over Nas cheating azz. Plus, shes making her OWN money. And Nas is going to continue paying child support and alimony until Knight is 18!!! U will be MAD just as Nas. Anyways, who is checking for Nas?

    He’s washed up, old, with wack azz music. He’s not real, he’s a fake, a lying azz piece of sh!t. And that album with Bob Marley son will flop to hell just like Nas and his d*ck riding stans.


  22. webstar

    lol…if Kelis is making her own money then why is she in court saying she can’t survive without Nas?? Either she is lying through her teeth or depends on a man for survival. Both are WEAK. and lol @ y’all believing Kelis doesn’t care about the situation, someone who was so happy & over it wouldn’t be denying the father of their child visitation & trying to drag him back to court because he is a week late with her ridiculous alimony payment. I tell you PR is a crazy thing.


  23. brian

    He wont pay alimony for 18 yrs, not even 2 yrs, only a couple months dummies. They were only married for like 4 yrs and alimony payments cant be longer than the marriage. The chld support is 18 yrs but thats only 15 thousand a month(ONLY?!!!) which is still rediculous.

    NO RICH MAN SHOULD EVER GET MARRIED WITHOUT A PRENUP. WHy yall think OPRAH never married? she smart and greedy.

    Kelis is a weak pathetic excuse for a lady and makes black women look like ignorant goldigging whores and they both cheated. Anywoman that takes a man to court for child support when they know that man will take care of his child is a tramp to me, im sure Nas would take care of his child on his own like he should have been allowed to.


    Black men I know the courts arent in our corner but we need to stop letting these women take advantage of the system just cause they dont wanna work.


  24. Trisha the Beauty

    @Trillafood…actually no one is checking for Kelis and you will see that when her album flops once again!!!! Bye Hater…Nas is top 5 hip hop artist in the game! No need to even explain the anticipation for Distant Relatives and Nas’ next solo album!


  25. ericalang

    bullshit yall need to stop hatin


  26. Weekie-jah

    Nas…live forever


  27. RockKelis

    I love Kelis. I just saw her in concert….she rocked it and I was going crazy. So did the other 50,000 other people that attended. Flop? I dont think so.


  28. stephan Nas

    first of all u fucking bitches Kelis cheated on Nas first with sum bitch ass broke ass rapper before they got maried and second the bitch got the nerve not to tell him and act like she didnt know dat shit wasnt video tape i dont blame nas for cheating back at her and last kelis is wack looking shes a gold digger n a typical bitch who cant be real with a nikka since day one


  29. TripleBlackBeauty

    Kelis reputation among Hip Hip and NY men in general is that of a woman just above a street walker… Most of them have had her!


  30. Anon

    “Kelis cheated on Nas first with sum bitch ass broke ass rapper before they got maried”

    So? If true, she had an indiscretion before they entered into a legally binding agreement. And if some fool who can’t grasp any semblance of grammar knows about it, then Nas did upon entering the marriage. Nas however, cheated after they were married and got caught. He admitted in the album that he did not know if she cheated on him at that time.

    The judge made him pay $15k a month, which for all you jolly African Americans who lack basic math skills, that comes to about $3.2 million over 18 years. Last I checked, Nas’s net worth is about $17 million. Nas got off too easy to be acting as he is with that last verse in Only the Strong Will Continue. Good thing the label dropped the verse is more recent releases, it didn’t add to the song.


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