Video: Leona Lewis – ‘I Got You’

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis has got your back in the Dave Myers-directed video for “I Got You,” the second single from her sophomore album Echo. The storyline follows several couples as they deal with the ups and downs of relationships, and was filmed in Venice Beach, Calif.

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  1. Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    Oh wow… leona is gorgeous in this video! I love the song.


  2. Joyams

    Great song. I don’t like the video much…


  3. queen beyonce

    i like


  4. annonymous

    i like!


  5. Mike



  6. djdjek

    nice video. like it.


  7. cazz

    kove tthis song and leona looks beautiful


  8. Giselle

    I love it.


  9. fi

    She desperately tries to have another bleeding love!
    poor thing…
    she is as fabricated as plastic bags in supermarkets…
    Life is a bitch!
    Cause the bag is strong and colourful but IT’S EMPTY!


  10. OhHaiThere

    Love the song, and the video is ok. I’m proud she had a lesbian kiss in there.


  11. Catie

    I absolutely love this song.


  12. amy

    glad she added lesbians..

    and i like the vid..she lookd average tho.
    i dnt like her hair..
    somethin is off with her makeup.

    but loved the concept and all..



  13. nuj

    to fi.. i think you’re the one who sound desperate.. if you don’t like leona, no one is forcing you to like her.. if you find her boring, then please stop looking at her videos or any blogs about her and save your time commenting about someone you find empty..


  14. Love this.

    Overall, I was kinda disappointed with her album ‘Echo’ but I am very pleased she released this song, as to me it was the strongest and most meaningful, true-to-life track on the album. Video’s very hard-hitting, I look forward to Leona maybe further evolving as an artist in the next couple of years? x


  15. rlc157

    her makeup is georggg!!!!


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