Video: Usher, Alicia Keys, & Shakira Perform at NBA All-Star Game

Usher performed something new (“More”) and something old (“Yeah!”) during the introductions of the NBA All-Stars at the 2010 NBA All-Star Game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, on Sunday (Feb. 14). If that wasn’t enough, Alicia Keys and Shakira co-headlined an unforgettable halftime show.

Videos via Mr. World Premiere

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  1. GeeMan

    Usher was way off base tonight from crazy gay outfit to Bobby Brown”s old dance moves total fail. A.Keys and Shakira served their purpose they entertained.


  2. Nick

    Looks like he slowed down a little.


  3. chazz

    Didn’t like usher performance! A key and shakira did their thing!


  4. Kevin

    Shakira did the damn thing! I’m am, most definitely, going to see her when she goes on tour.


  5. dxbA

    the real MVP tonigth!


  6. Lisa

    Shakira freakin’ killed that shit!


  7. ThePrincipal

    This Usher “More” performance has the internet buzzing for all the wrong reasons. I don’t think people seen the music video which makes it even harder for Usher to do his thing. It’s unfortunate but I don’t get why it’s such a big deal personally…


  8. RvR

    Go Ush! that was the only performance i was was lookin forward too.


  9. queen beyonce

    daym a.keys was pitchy… it was still entertaining though. usher were u lipsyncing? it was aiight… shakira was awesome.


  10. NoHater

    hmmm … well. Where’s BeyoncĂ©? :)


  11. Playboy

    Usher SLAYED!!!!! Alicia was good too. Don’t care for spanish sheep so I’ll pass.


  12. mal



  13. RnbFan


    USH #1


  14. musakfool87

    uh everything was a mess. Usher looks like he is getting old and out of touch with the generation. I’ve never been a huge fan of A Keys because of her lack of intonation and that performance proved it! Stop sugar coating shit people


  15. asdfasd

    wtf? alicia had by FAR the best performance. pitchy? maybe at 2-3 spots, but that’s what happens when you SING. shakira was horrible. boring, bad songs, too quiet, etc. Usher? well, he may be a little rusty, but at least he has an excuse of not performing in a while.


  16. bijan

    None of them were GREAT
    but Shakira was good


  17. Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    all bullsh*t! From usher’s outfit, to shakira lack luster performance to alicia’s howl. wth were they smokin before they hit the stage?


  18. Marina

    Performance was great. just stop hatin’ these singers. Usher <3


  19. Ewe

    Alicia keys was completely terrible…omg wat a disappointment


  20. fourgon occasion

    camion… || Video: Usher, Alicia Keys, & Shakira Perform at NBA All-Star Game…

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