Drake Chooses First Single, Reveals Producer


The wait is almost over. Drake has selected the first single from his highly-anticipated debut album.

The first offering from Thank Me Later will be called “Over.” Drizzy exclusively tells Rap-Up.com that the track was produced by fellow Canadian Boi-1da, who is responsible for two of his biggest hits, “Best I Ever Had” and “Forever.”

The Young Money signee went through a painstaking process before choosing the right single. “Before I start working a single, I need to get about 10, 15, 20 songs done so I can pick from a batch of music as opposed to just committing to something right now,” he told Rap-Up.com in November. “It takes a lot for me to put a song onto that list. It’s gotta be a real great song. It’s gotta be something that I feel is timeless and is better than anything that I’ve ever done.”

The album, due this spring, is expected to feature collaborations with Jay-Z (“Light Up”), Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and The-Dream (“Shut It Down”), as well as production from Kanye West, Noah “40” Shebib, and Tone Mason.

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  1. Justin Lafontaine

    1st CANT WAIT


  2. Kaz

    Release date anyone?


  3. Hasan

    cant wait for the album , its gonna be fire!!


  4. SwaggerAreUs

    Excited! I know it’s gonna be dope. I hope he got his wish to get Sade on the album…


  5. David Thespokenword Washington

    Hmm…. I might give his new album a try.


  6. cubevision

    10 bucks says his album doesn’t live up to expectations…wale and j.cole are the best newcomers


  7. nice

    30 bucks it will live up and j cole and wale wont be able to compete


  8. Eww

    his bottom lip is HUGE!


  9. Lmao

    u kidding me? J.COLE is fucking amazing. I like drake, he’s got good flow but the subject and stuff in his songs..its kinda played out, nothing new. J.cole is realer and i think his songs are much more raw and catchy. REAL SHIT. I want this to be j.coles year!


  10. yesman!

    skooda chose is way better than wale and j cole combine and so is drake!


  11. 100% Nikehead

    @Cubevision Lol 10 bucks r u really that broke. I bet u $100 that Drakes album is gonna be a classic. The material on this album is gonna be game changing, u will see!


  12. jjj

    j cole isnt really out yet so idk but drake is more thn a rapper now hes a pop star they do well cause they have everyone not just us blacks in the rap and R&B , hip hop world


  13. queen beyonce

    yes i cannot wait for drake!!!


  14. G

    @ Cubevision: Expectations are extremely high for this album, so it probably wont live up to expectations, but thats not saying much. The album will still be dope, much better than Wale’s (who i dont consider a new-comer anymore since he released an album)…Drake, J Cole, B.o.B, and XV are the best newcomers, but Drake has them all beat, but they all still dope rappers


  15. :O

    Drake is a great hook writer with a few witty lines here and there but overall he is not comparable to the skills of J.Cole


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  17. shakez3

    thats why hes callin it thank me later cuz everyones gonna b quick to judge the songs and think its wack but ull thank him later when u listen to it 4 5 more times..


  18. 112

    J Cole ain’t nothing compared to drake jay only signed him cuz he didn’t get drake


  19. dope

    hold on, if we’re talkin who’s the better RAPPER, then ya J. Cole and Wale r better, no question. but if u wanna talk about who’s gonna b the bigger artist, obviously drake has that hands down.. y’all r mixin up ur debates


  20. Drake – Over (prod. Boi-1da)… | 2dopeboyz

    [...] … will be the first single from Thank Me Later, dropping this spring. The first offering from Thank Me Later will be called “Over.” Drizzy exclusively tells Rap-Up.com that the track was produced by fellow Canadian Boi-1da, who is responsible for two of his biggest hits, “Best I Ever Had” and “Forever.” – Rap-Up [...]

  21. kekeluvsu


    EXACTLY. He knew ppl were going to doubt him and say he isn’t going to live up to his hype. That’s exactly why he named the album “Thank Me Later”

    Now as far as J. Cole goes. I haven’t heard any of his stuff but I do hear that he is pretty good so I will def. check him out.

    Now Wale—–NO MA’AM. I just can’t get into him. Sorry *kanye shrug*


  22. markel



  23. kekeluvsu


    MAN GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH ALL THAT. Have you heard any if not all his mixtapes? Drake is cold. For somebody who really just started rapping a little over 4yrs ago the dude is bad. YOU MAD?

    He already let the haters know with GOODNIGHT AND GOODLUCK. I guess he gone have to show y’all again.


  24. brit

    SOOOO excited for this album. been waiting for it for forever. been loving listening to Drake rap and singe since he started singing on Degrassi. Been in love with his music ever since then and can’t wait to buy his first album!!!


  25. princess jackson

    i love u drake i am a fan of u one today may i please have a ticket to one of your concert please my name is Princess jackson and u agree i will be on facebook


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