Video: Fergie Kicks Ass on ‘Cleveland Show’

Fergie as Jane

Fergie does a good job disguising her voice as feisty cat-loving redhead Jane on Fox’s animated series “The Cleveland Show.” In last night’s episode, Cleveland’s friend Holt gets bullied by Fergie’s character. But after the guys get their asses kicked defending their pal, the ladies have to step in.

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  1. Hasan

    haha funny stuff lol


  2. Brandon

    This episode was hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

    You guys should announce that Mariah’s video with Nicki Minaj – “Up Out My Face (Remix)” is currently free on iTunes!!! Everybody go download it! :)


  3. uhhhh...

    thanks brandon =)


  4. uhhhh...

    hmmm i dont see it brandon…


  5. Brandon

    It should be there.. are you looking at iTunes USA?


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