Video: Black Eyed Peas – ‘Imma Be Rocking That Body’

Black Eyed Peas

Have no fear, the world is not coming to an end in 2012. Instead we have one giant dance party to look forward to thanks to the Black Eyed Peas.

The Fantastic Four—Fergie,,, and Taboo—bring out the big guns in the futuristic double-video for “Imma Be” and “Rock That Body” from their Grammy-winning album The E.N.D.

Dancing Transformers take to the streets in the visual effects-laden mini-movie, directed by Rich Lee, which was partially shot in the desert of Lancaster, Calif. Blast off below.

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  1. dc0lit0

    FuCk!n BaD aSz ViD30 4 2o!o….LeT dA b3aT r0c…
    N0w I BEtTa ChA aNyThaNg DaT hAlF 0f u MutHapHuqAz WiLl LeAVe A DuMb AsZ c0mm3Nt !n Da Beg!n1n 0f Da ViD30 B0Ut FeRg!3 tRy!n Ta B b3y0nc3 W!t dA wH0L3 Gl0v3 ThaNg…AlL i g0tZ tA sAy Iz SHuT dA fUcK Up 2 sTuPId Asz DuMmIE cUz U sAt y0 FaT aSz Dwn & wAtCHd Da ViD30 S0 ItZ aLl Up In Y0 FAcEz. h0llA @ cHa Pap! & StARt TalK!n SuM shYt 2 Me IiGHt


  2. yeeiis

    really trying their gaga on


  3. queen beyonce

    this video is good especially imma be


  4. DOPEkid

    Say what you want about B.E.P., but this video is uber ILL. Best B.E.P. vid EVER + Fergs looks great!


  5. harris



  6. dr

    wow i frekin love bep they jus keep steppin up their video n song game…love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Playboy

    BEP completely SHIT on the pop game. Fergie is that BITCH!! is so fuckin creative. Taboo is my favorite, the cool one lol. Apl is de Ap. 2 more #1 hits coming from The END. That BEP reign just won’t let up.


  8. Pinoy

    Fergie that hot girl. APL my filipino brother doing it Pinoy style.


  9. KRAKEN!!

    SICKKKKKKK! They were like the Fantastic 4 :O


  10. Diego

    Campaign #ImmaBeRockingThatBody in TrendTopics on twitter.

    new video …. #ImmaBeRockingThatBody

    Let’s go Peabodies.


  11. ella



  12. Ghetto Fab

    These guys are killing the game right now. That album is epic! These guys are trendsetters. Fergie’s body is sick. Their videos get better everytime another drops. They never give you recession specials lol. Keep it up BEP!


  13. Oliver Luke

    love it its the best so far 4 the 2010 i love black eyed peas


  14. LaMont

    WOW! Fergie looks hella sexy in the “Imma Be” video.I know they spent a whole lot of money on these videos!


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