Video: Jay-Z Performs with Alicia Keys, Thanks Spice Girls at Brits

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys presided over London’s Earls Court on Tuesday (Feb. 16) for the Brit Awards 2010. The duo performed “Empire State of Mind” and Jay accepted his award for International Male Solo Artist from Spice Girl Mel B. “I also want to thank the Spice Girls ’cause they inspired me,” he remarked.

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  1. Jeremy

    alicia looks good ass usual and sounds good


  2. estar

    I love Rap-up. Always show support to Jay-Z and all the other hiphop artists. Keep that.

    performence is hot and congratulations jay for the award.


  3. Giselle

    Alicia looked STUNNING!


  4. The Truth

    Rap Up i gotta commend you guys for giving real good coverage of these award shows around the world. You guys are always on top. And that is what keeps me coming


  5. Jeremy

    i know alicia looks stunning


  6. BOI-1da

    Alicia Keyes sleeps…..”Stunning”.


  7. U_U

    Her legs…


  8. Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    I ♥ Alicia’s outfit, but I’m getting tired of this song!


  9. Pikachu

    Yay Jay-Z and Alicia! I will NEVER get tired of this song. One of the best ever! :D Alicia sounded great!

    Rap-Up >>>>>>> The rest.



  10. takeAdrinkHaters

    w0w alicia is a beautiful w0man just wish she w0uld quit performing this s0ng with fugly jay-z and sing her 0wn material m0re


  11. Cherokee

    Is it me, or does Jay Z show more affection and touches Alicia more than he does his wife. I’m jus sayin. Not starting nothing but he never smiles when he with B.


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