Video: Lady Gaga Performs at The Brits

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga dedicates her performance at the Brit Awards 2010 to the late Alexander “Lee” McQueen. “We miss you so bad Lee,” she sings during a stripped-down version of “Telephone” and “Dance in the Dark” from The Fame Monster. The three-time Brit Award winner later thanked the fashion designer during her acceptance speech.

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  1. BoyFalana



  2. cari

    I like that performance.. kinda wish she did Monster tho instead of Dance in the Dark


  3. Hott Rod

    great tribute and an ode to fashion!! she was vogueing!!


  4. NoHater

    even if shes F*** weird I gotta admit. shes a Real artist. Sing, play, write, dance … the whole package.
    We dont have that anymore in R&B and Hip Hop


  5. The Truth

    Like my name this chick is THE TRUTH. She is a true performer at heart wether you like her or not. Like someone said before me “We” (black folks) don’t currently have anyone on the scene that is even on Lady Gaga’s level. She continues to kill it with every performance and is tearing up the music charts GLOBALLY.

    This was a great tribute to McQueen and his inspiring fashion designs. This chick is a living legend. I would say in the making but she already has proven that she is in the very short time she has hit the scene.


  6. Andariego

    How does she do it? Seriously. This woman is…she leaves me speechless. ::bows::


  7. amy





  8. GaGa Is The Messi

    i Love this woman really. i have never see a living talent like her… She’s just a Living Legend like somebody tell before. she’s awesome.It’s A really good thing to see that in the music industry, we still have true talent who don’t need money but simply live to their passion. I’m from Africa and i’m already 30 years old never i’ve seen a white Pop singer make a big impact in lifes of young people. She’s really Michael Jackson in the 80′s but with more talent….


  9. Mrs. Darren shellychelle Sharper

    I want her outfit! Great performance also.


  10. Pikachu

    it was ok…


  11. Charazardkills-Pikachu

    @ pikachu, her live performance was brillant, you fail to recognize real professional talent when you see it.


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