Video: On Board Robin Thicke & Estelle’s ‘Rollacoasta’

Estelle and Robin Thicke

Strap on your seatbelts as Robin Thicke takes you on a romantic “Rollacoasta” ride with the always-chic Estelle in the Gil Green-directed video for the second international single from his latest album Sex Therapy.

“We’re trying to film a nice little house party that’s representative of my house parties that I throw at my house, which is classy and sexy and crazy and wild and naughty all at the same time,” says Thicke.

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  1. will

    Where is the shakin it for Daddy video with Nicki Minaj? I have been waiting to see that video forever now.

  2. Ghetto Fab

    I love this song. I actually love the whole album. Meiplay needs a video too. The album is very underrated. Keep doing your thing Robin. Miss Estelle is looking beautiful too. Glad she got her teeth fixed. Digging the mushroom cut too. Song sounds like both their styles. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  3. Ashwin

    The one song that i don’t like from his album, to bad that they’re shooting a vid for it imo.
    Still love the album tho, keep doing yo thang robin!

  4. queen beyonce

    WTF is shakin it for daddy daym it robin!!

  5. will

    i now know why Robin cant release shakin it for daddy. Because Usher has Hey Daddy out as a single and there was clearance issues to release it as a single. I definately think shakin it for Daddy is a better single. Daddys home isnt even doing well on the charts smh!

  6. Pikachu

    he needs to do a vid for shakin it for daddy. this will FLOP! ugh so frustrating.

  7. EMJAY

    damn i hate estelle n this is the worst song on da album otha than 911 because tht was the intro, start with a kiss because that was an interlude. he shd shoot somethin lik 2 Luv Birds or Meiple or Its In The Morning or Shakin It 4 Daddy or Make U Love Me or Mona Lisa or Jus Right or Brand New Luv or Diamonds or Mrs. Sexy or I Got U or Million Dolla Baby. they were all great