Video: Sade Performs on ‘Ellen’

Sade heads to the West Coast for the next leg of her promo tour. She and the band made a stop on Tuesday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” to perform “Soldier of Love.” Their first album in a decade is expected to sell over 450,000 copies in its first week. Don’t call it a comeback.

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  1. Daniella

    HOT! Sade is back!!!!!!


  2. Yan

    she should start performing another song.


  3. The Truth

    This lady is a living legend. She is so cool, calm and collect. I love how she does what she does. She’s not out there to prove nothing to nobody. She’s a straight soldier like she says in her song. She sounds just as good as when she gave us a cd a decade ago. She’s like wine she only gets better with time.


  4. Pikachu

    amazing album!! y’all should buy it!


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