Ludacris’ ‘Battle of the Sexes’ Production Credits

Battle of the Sexes

Now that you’ve seen who will be squaring off against Ludacris on Battle of the Sexes, we go one step further and reveal the producers for Luda’s seventh studio album, dropping March 9. The remix to his Top 10 single “How Low,” featuring Ciara and Pitbull, and the Dru Hill-assisted “Rollercoaster” are included on the deluxe edition.

1. “Intro” (Xcel for The Beatbangers)
2. “How Low” (T-Minus)
3. “My Chick Bad” feat. Nicki Minaj (The Legendary Traxster)
4. “Everybody Drunk” feat. Lil Scrappy (DJ Montay)
5. “I Do It All Night” (B-Crucial and Tony Dinero) *
6. “Sex Room” feat. Trey Songz (Kajun)
7. “I Know You Got a Man” feat. Flo Rida (Infinity)
8. “Hey Ho” feat. Lil’ Kim and Lil’ Fate (Khao)
9. “Party No Mo’” feat. Gucci Mane (Bangladesh)
10. “B.O.T.S. Radio” feat. I-20 (The Runners) *
11. “Can’t Live With You” feat. Monica (Khao)
12. “Feelin’ So Sexy” (Gaggie) *
13. “Tell Me a Secret” feat. Ne-Yo (Swizz Beatz)
14. “My Chick Bad (Remix)” feat. Diamond, Trina, and Eve (The Legendary Traxster)
15. “Sexting” (Bonus Track) (The Neptunes)

Deluxe Version
16. “How Low (Remix)” feat. Ciara and Pitbull (T-Minus)
17. “Rollercoaster” feat. Dru Hill (Bangladesh) *

* Additional vocals by Shawnna

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  1. YungNAD

    Swizzy Bangladesh & The Runners NICE!!!!!!! the rest sucks


  2. harris



  3. mrbaxter

    Flop CICI flop CICI


  4. Anthony

    Can somebody explain me something ?
    Will the NEPTUNES’ track called SEXTING will be ON THE ALBUM even if it’s a “bonus track”
    I don’t understand how can we have this bonus track ?

    Because on Luda’s site, on def jam, the tracklisting has 14 songs ???

    And when the deluxe edition will drop ???


  5. Anthony

    and what can we expect with “SHAWNA VOCALS*” ??
    Somebody knows or guess ?


  6. POOKA

    @mrbaxter yeah she a flop alright to bad she still makin millions of dollars get it cici!!!!!!!


  7. SupaCi


    It could be a bonus track for iTunes buyers or just a hidden track on the actual album


  8. uhhhh...

    that means she started some tracks for the album for example, how low, and luda kept her vocals on some songs but he doesnt actually consider her a feature, sorta how keri hilson backed vocals for runaway love but shes not a feature, you get it now?


  9. uhhhh...

    im kinda upset that hear my cry w/ jennifer hudson didnt make the album ugh…


  10. Ryno

    The people who are Ciara insane, and are discussing how amazing she is every time her name pops up are really aggravating. This isnt even about her. Save the Ciara comments for a post ABOUT Ciara.


  11. Anthony D. Floricourt

    Because on DEF JAM site, the tracklist has only 14 SONGS !
    I love rapup but I would like to have the source
    Because if there is a NEPTUNES track which particulary interests me, I will buy this album…well the deluxe edition of THIS ALBUM
    If there’s one, but how we know ???

    SOURCE ???


    Rap-Up Reply:

    Our source is Def Jam. If you visit the site often, you’ll know we post accurate information.


  12. Dave

    I will the deluxe edition w/ my CiCi


  13. Danny

    I’m going to buy the deluxe version. That track with Ciara on it is hot!


  14. Danny

    Oh and Rap Up is really accurate, I don’t know what that commenter was saying, cause they always have the right info. That’s why I always read the articles.


  15. Anthony D. Floricourt

    Thank you rap-up for answering me !
    Keep going with the news, you are always the first and the site is very entertaining !

    I Hope battle of the sexes will be a good album !
    I will buy it thanks to you ;), the deluxe edition !


  16. nonamer

    all the hype about is Ciara and Nikki being on the albu. I might cop it..


  17. 10 is ciaras

    I may get the deluxe edition. And for everyone, who is wondering about “Sexting”, its either an iTunes or an international bonus track


  18. Shawnna?

    I think “Sexting” is a bonus track for the UK because it has that listed on (before the tracklisting was announced, same 14 tracks from Luda’s site but #15 “Sexting”) but it may also be on the deluxe edition :)

    Additional vocals by Shawnna? Probably not anything to get excited about, like verses or anything otherwise it would say :( It would be amazing though if Luda & the label had not decided to be so mean and keep her on some of it but that’s probably just not the case


  19. Baby Doll



  20. thatchick

    battle of the sexes wuz meant 2 b shawnna & luda rapping on every track about sex love relationships and all that and you end up with shawnnas only contribution being additional vocals what a load of bullsh!t I mean for real he even cut off shawnnas verse on everybody drunk as fuck that song already leaked why the hell is lil crappy replacing her on a song everybody already heard her on and she killed and i cud understand the title still bein battle of the sexes if a female rapper was on every track but hardly any do this is just stupid and im so annoyed the label and ludacris put money over having a good album with shawnna but am so xcited 2 hear dat my chick bad remix with diamond trina and eve yehh thats my sh!t i know already lol


  21. aton88

    Even without Shawnna on the album, this is more of Ludacris compilation album imo. I dont put this in the same vein as “Theatre of the Mind” and “Release Therapy” or “Back for the First Time.” Its just a fun album i guess. The only tracks I’m looking forward to are “sexting” and “tell me a secret” because of the neptunes and swizzy.


  22. jtm

    wow luda doing a song with dru hill? wasn’t expecting that haven’t heard from these guys since sisqo thong song came out.


  23. 3nrique

    is the deluxe edition gonna be sold everywhere? or just like a best buy edition or limewire edition? don’t make sense…


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